Search Policy - HR Policy 630

Search Policy - HR Policy 630

This policy describes random searches of UAB property such as lockers, desks, and computers for compliance purposes.
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None Assigned
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Faculty, Staff
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Policy 630 – Search Policy

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 07/09

As a condition of employment, UAB employees grant to management and supervisory personnel the authority to conduct random and unannounced inspections of employee lockers, desks, computers, and the like in order to promote health considerations and to ensure compliance with all UAB rules and regulations. UAB may institute procedures for random inspection of any parcels leaving UAB buildings.

E-Mail or other electronic communications also are subject to inspection by UAB at any time. Abuse of e-mail and/or networks may result in disciplinary action, including discharge. In addition, employees may be subject to criminal prosecution if inappropriate computer use includes criminal activity.

Except in matters in which there is reasonable cause to suspect criminal activity, employees may be given an opportunity to be present in any inspection of lockers, desks, computers, etc. Employees should leave at home possessions which they do not wish to have seen.

Disciplinary action, including discharge, may result from searches and inspections.