Policy for Connecting Devices to the UAB Voice, Data, and Video Network

Policy for Connecting Devices to the UAB Voice, Data, and Video Network

This policy covers all World Wide Web pages hosted by UAB servers, and the policy is intended to define web page categories, web publishing governance, and web site requirements and privileges.
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University of Alabama at Birmingham


August 12, 1997

[Edited April 10, 2007, for change in responsibility]


Because the use of voice and data applications is integral to UAB's business and because video applications will become increasingly important in the future, this policy has been developed to ensure continued growth and reliability of the UAB voice and data network. This policy describes the various elements necessary to connect new devices to the network.


UAB has established wiring standards for use with its voice and data networks. The standards were established by University Communication Services with input from Health Information Systems and the University Computer Center. The wiring standards are reviewed periodically and are revised as needed. The wiring guidelines are enforced through the design review process followed by Facilities Operations. As new buildings are designed and floors within buildings are renovated, the approved wiring is incorporated into the plans. For smaller additions or changes in voice or data services, University Communication Services installs wiring and outlets as specified in the wiring guidelines. Wiring for use with UAB's established voice or data networks must be installed using the methods described above. (For the technical specifications of UAB's wiring standards, a copy of current standards may be obtained from University Communication Services or Facilities Operations.)

Wiring Closests and Associated Equipment

UAB has designated space in all new buildings and in newly renovated areas for the establishment of telecommunication equipment rooms. Given the critical nature of the equipment housed in these rooms, use of the rooms for purposes other than for providing voice, data, or video services is prohibited. The telephone system's maintenance and security is the responsibility of University Communication Services. Connection of devices to the UAB-owned data hubs is the responsibility of Health Information Systems in UAB University Hospital buildings, Data Communications/Network Services (DC/NS) in all other buildings on campus, or an approved representative under the direction of these groups in cases which require additional labor to complete large jobs in a timely manner. In order to provide central monitoring/repair support, the data hubs used to connect department-owned local area networks, personal computers, and other approved devices to the UAB network must be installed by the departments listed above. To further aid in the central monitoring/repair support, each device connected to the network must have its own port designation on the data hub.

Use of UAB Fiber-optic Cable

University Communication Services is charged with the maintenance of the fiber-optic cable installed in buildings on campus. Use of the fiber-optic cable must be requested of, and coordinated by, University Communication Services.

Network Support

University Communication Services is charged with providing UAB users ongoing support for their telephone instruments, associated wiring, switch operation, and connection to the local and long distance networks. Health Information Systems and Data Communications/ Network Services are charged with providing support for the UAB data network and its connections to outside networks. Units are charged with insuring that department-owned devices are connected to the network in an approved manner so as to protect the integrity of the UAB network. This is accomplished through published standards and the support of departmental network administrators. Published network standards and guidelines for departmental network administrators are reviewed and revised as needed. (Copies of "Network Standards and Guidelines for Network Administrators" may be obtained from Health Information Systems or Data Communications/ Network Services.) Additionally, Data Communications/Network Services is charged with the assignment and integrity of all network addresses used with the UAB campus network (see "Guidelines for UAB Network Assignments").


The Vice President for Information Technology is responsible for overall procedures to implement this policy. The Executive Director of the UAB University Hospital is responsible for procedures relative to Health Information Systems and hospital departments/units.