Laboratory Emergency Notification Labeling Policy

Laboratory Emergency Notification Labeling Policy

All laboratories and related support areas in all UAB buildings, facilities, and spaces shall be labeled with the name and after hours telephone number of the principal investigator and two alternates.
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Faculty, Staff, Students
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University of Alabama at Birmingham


October 5, 1993

(Replaces "Laboratory Emergency Notification Labeling" policy on page 118 of the January 1993 General Health and Safety Management Program manual.)

(Updated March 1, 2019 to for unit name change)


From time to time, situations arise requiring emergency personnel to enter various areas within the University. Many laboratories contain hazardous materials as well as valuable research materials, and it is important for UAB to provide a method for determining the contents of an area should the need arise to enter after hours. Based on a recommendation by the UAB Emergency Planning Committee, this policy is adopted.

Policy Statement


All laboratories and related support areas in all buildings, facilities, and spaces owned, rented, or leased by the University of Alabama at Birmingham shall be labeled with the name and after hours telephone number of the principal investigator and two alternates. The label to be used for this purpose will be supplied by the UAB Department of Occupational Health and Safety (see attached). All individuals listed on the label must have knowledge of the contents of the laboratory. It is the responsibility of the principal investigator listed on the label (or in his or her absence, the department head or director) to maintain the information on the label so that it is always current and correct.

It is recommended that individuals with rooms or offices containing sensitive materials such as valuable computer information, files, and/or refrigerated samples also comply with the laboratory labeling requirement in order to protect those materials in the event that emergency personnel have a need to enter the area after hours.

In cases in which there is a concern with posting names and telephone numbers in public areas, the alternative is to post an emergency notification label outside the room with the following written prominently on the label: "See Emergency Notification Information inside door." Use of this alternative must be coordinated with the UAB Department of Environmental Health and Safety so that the names and contact information remain easily accessible to emergency personnel and so that the information is posted in a consistent manner and location inside the room. The alternate area for posting the Emergency Notification Information label will be on the inside of the door to the main entrance of the laboratory, support area, or other similar room.

Whenever feasible or possible, emergency personnel will attempt to contact the persons listed on a label outside a room entrance prior to entry in order to determine the nature of the contents of the room. However, during an emergency situation there may not be enough time for emergency personnel to make the appropriate contacts, and this policy does not preclude their entering the premises prior to contacting individuals on the labels.



The sample of the emergency notification label attached to this policy is a part of the policy, but the label may be revised from time to time without affecting the policy itself.


Implementation and Effective Date


The emergency notification labels are available through the UAB Department of Environmental Health and Safety, and must be attached adjacent to the official room number.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for procedures to implement this policy.

This policy is effective immediately upon its being signed by the President.