Number of Submissions Limited by Sponsor

Number of Submissions Limited by Sponsor

Some sponsors restrict the total number of applications submitted per institution, school, and/or discipline. When the sponsor's program guidelines stipulate a limit, an internal review process may be necessary to determine the applicant(s) or proposal(s) to represent UAB.
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[Updated June 7, 2019 for unit and title changes]


The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB or University) follows one of the selection processes described below to determine the applicant(s) or proposal(s) that will represent the University when the sponsor's funding opportunity announcement (FOA) limits the number of applications.
1.    Selection to be made by a Department, Division, or Center 
Departments, Divisions, or Centers wishing to select applicants for FOAs that limit the number of applications from a given unit should 
  • Notify the Associate Vice President for Research Development (AVPRD) in the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) of the intention to manage the selection process; 
  • Provide the OVPR with a copy of the FOA; and
  • Provide the OVPR  a  description  of the  selection process if  the  sponsor requires  one to be supplied by the University.

The unit managing the selection process will advertise the opportunity and application process.  The OVPR will direct applicant inquiries to the unit. 

2.    Selection NOT made by a Department, Division or Center 
If a potential applicant or university official becomes aware of such an opportunity, they are asked to contact the OVPR.  The OVPR will make efforts to inform other viable applicants of the opportunity, and if more than one applicant is interested, an internal vetting will be arranged. 
  • The interested applicant(s) should email documentation of the Chair's and Dean's approval to apply to the VPR with a copy also to the AVPRD. 
  • The OVPR will contact you concerning materials that may be required in order to consider your request to apply. 
  • The OVPR will notify you via email of the outcome of the selection process. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will be copied on this email. 
Once the selection process is complete, the chosen applicant should submit documentation of approval to apply to the OSP with  the UAB Extramural Support Checklist and other OSP Required Documents (see OSP  Researcher's Toolkit).  The application must be submitted to the OSP in accordance with established submission guidelines -- drafts seven (7) and finals three (3) business days prior to the sponsor's posted deadline.

Approved March 26, 2014 by:

Richard B. Marchase
Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Lynn Stedman
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs