Procedure for Facilitated Review of Industry-Sponsored Research by Western IRB (WIRB) - IRB PRO154

Procedure for Facilitated Review of Industry-Sponsored Research by Western IRB (WIRB) - IRB PRO154

This procedure outlines the responsibilities of the investigator and OIRB for facilitated review of industry-sponsored research by Western IRB.
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HRPP Document:     PRO154
Effective Date:   3/30/07
Revision Date:  2/24/10
Subject:  Procedure for Facilitated Review of Industry-Sponsored Research by Western IRB (WIRB)


The purpose of this procedure is to describe the review of industry-sponsored protocols conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) by Western IRB (WIRB) in Olympia, Washington.

Investigator Responsibilities

The Investigator:

  • Receives new protocols from the industry sponsor and decides to open the study;
  • Checks the UAB IRB web site ( to obtain the required documents for submission to WIRB, including UAB required documents;
  • Downloads, completes, and prints all documentation from the web site which may include:
    • GUI312 UAB-WIRB New Review Cover Letter/Checklist
    • WIRB Initial Review Submission Form
    • Other applicable documents (HIPAA Waivers, UAB required documents, etc.);
  • Revises the industry sponsor consent form document per the UAB IRB/WIRB approved consent form template, including formatting and UAB-required language;
  • Completes the New Review Cover Letter/Checklist providing WIRB and UAB required documents for submission including:
    • Facility Approvals;
    • Release of Drugs for Human Research Use (for UAB and/or TCHA);
    • Radiation Safety Approval, if applicable;
    • Infection Control Approval, if applicable;
    • Release of Pathologic Materials, if applicable;
    • Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Approval, if applicable;
  • Submits the applicable documents to the WIRB Liaison in the OIRB electronically to with original UAB required documents delivered to the OIRB the same day ( [GUI340]).

OIRB Responsibilities

Administrative/Clerical Staff:

  • Completes UAB/WIRB Initial Submission Review Checklist and attaches to protocol folder;
  • Checks the submitted consent form to confirm that all required elements of FOR232 the UAB/WIRB Consent Form Template are included;
  • Enters data regarding protocol into IRB database;
  • Sends communication to CIRB requesting memo to include in submission;

The (designated) Senior Staff (WIRB Liaison):

  • Confirms that the statement of conflict or no conflict form CIRB matches the investigator WIRB Initial Review Submission Form;
  • Verifies compensation for injury language in consent is congruent with clinical trials agreement language.
  • Verifies as complete, signs and dates on the bottom of the New Review Cover Letter/Checklist;
  • Scans original forms that are UAB requirements into electronic and files originals in paper protocol folder;
  • Forwards submissions to WIRB electronically.
  • Forwards WIRBnet Online Submission Acknowledgement of Receipt with attached copy of signed New Review Cover Letter/Checklist to the investigator and/or contact;
  • Makes label for WIRB protocol folder and places in “Pending” file drawer until WIRB approves then files in WIRB designated file cabinets.

Approved on March 1, 2010, by:

Sheila Deters Moore, CIP
OIRB Director