Purchasing Card Policy

Purchasing Card Policy

This policy sets forth the framework under which UAB purchases may be made using purchasing cards.
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Faculty, Staff
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University of Alabama at Birmingham


July 1, 2018

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Purchasing Card Procedures


The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Purchasing Card (P-Card) is designed to be a flexible form of payment that permits certain categories of UAB employees to place orders for allowable goods and services.  Use of the card must comply with:
·        State of Alabama Bid Law,
·        Alabama Ethics Commission,
·        UAB Expenditure Guidelines,
·        UAB contract vendor agreements,
·        Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards,
·        Cost accounting standards, and
·        Fiscal requirements of regulatory sponsor.


The goals in establishing the P-Card program include:
·        Allowing departments to acquire goods and supplies in a more timely manner,
·        Increasing vendor satisfaction (less bookkeeping, faster payment), and
·        Allowing the University to focus its efforts on higher dollar/exposure items.


This Policy and corresponding Purchasing Card Procedures apply to all UAB P-Card holders. 


The P-Card eliminates, as much as possible, the need for purchase orders and direct reimbursement by allowing designated staff and faculty to make purchases with a University credit card.  Limits are defined within the P-Card procedures document and shall be used only for UAB business.   


Organizational P-Cards are issued in accordance with the P-Card Procedures to academic and administrative units across UAB subject to appropriate approvals.  In accordance with the P-Card Procedures, with the appropriate approvals, UAB Employees in the employment categories below are eligible to be issued an individual P-Card in their name.  Mandatory training is required for issuance and maintenance of the card.  Eligibility to retain a P-Card may be impacted by Human Resource actions or Departmental Administration decisions.
01 Full Time Regular
20 Postdoctoral Scholar Trainee
03 Part Time Regular
21 Postdoctoral Scholar Employee
07 Interns and/or Residents
59 Affiliated Employees
12 Three Twelve hour shift


Confirmed lack of adherence to this policy or established procedures may result in revocation of the card, disciplinary action up to termination, and possible filing of criminal charges.  Interim actions, including temporary suspension of cardholder privileges, may be taken prior to final resolution.  In addition, as a condition for use of the card, the employee who is issued a card agrees that the University can withhold from the employee’s paycheck any unauthorized charges made by the employee. 


The Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the procedures supporting this policy.