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UAB students, faculty and staff,

As UAB continues our phased, gradual reentry to campus, we want to assure you that our COVID-19 safety protocols, based on the input of infectious disease and public health experts, will be enforced to help promote the health of our community and the continuity of our mission. 

We know that creating and maintaining a culture of safety will require awareness, vigilance, monitoring, effective structures for reporting concerns and corrective action for non-compliance. 

We need to be united for our common good, and each of us has a role to play. 

UAB’s Reentry Expectations and Guidelines are posted online at uab.edu/reentry, as are Personal Safety Practices . Everyone who returns to campus is expected to comply fully with these safety protocols and any specialized guidance from their particular departments/units/schools. We also ask that — to protect the UAB family and our broader community — you practice safety guidelines when you are off campus. 

If you observe that health and safety rules are not being observed or enforced on campus, discuss your concerns with your supervisor. If non-compliance persists, you may contact Human Resources or report it anonymously through the UAB Ethics Hotline. Anyone who reports non-compliance is protected against retaliation, and concerns of retaliation should be reported to Human Resources or the Office of Compliance and Risk Assurance.

Persistent failure or willful disregard for health and safety protocols by any employee or student will result in consequences consistent with UAB’s discipline policies for stafffaculty and students.

We are committed to preserving the health of the communities in which we live, learn and work, and the safety precautions we have adopted and will continue to adopt to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic apply to everyone equally. By observing them, we are confident we can continue to teach and learn, research, support Alabama’s social and economic needs, and deliver vital patient care.

Students, please continue to read the Greenmail e-newsletter every Wednesday for important announcements and details about reentry. Faculty and staff, please continue to read eReporter, and UAB Medicine employees also read ONE. Employees or others who want to keep up with student communications, sign up to receive Greenmail and visit the student sections of uab.edu/coronavirus and uab.edu/reentry.