Protein mass spectrometry 2002
(BMG 744)

Course will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays 9 - 11 am in the McCallum Building, 4th floor conference room (401)


Date Lecturer Topic
Jan 4 S. Barnes Introduction to course - chemistry of biologically active molecules - transfer of proteins into the gas phase; Pros and Cons of ESI, MALDI-TOF and ion traps [PDF File]
Jan 8 Barnes/MS Staff Peptide analysis by mass spectrometry; capillary LC-MS; MALDI-TOF analysis; introduction to peptide sequencing by MS of proteins [PDF File]
Jan 11 C-C. Wang Applications of CE-MS and other nanomethods to biology
Jan 15 H. Kim 2D-proteomics and mass spec
Jan 18 Barnes/Brookes Protein Complexes [PDF File]
Jan 22 MS Staff On-instrument protein analysis and peptide sequencing by MS
Jan 25 A. Safavy Chemical modifications of proteins - analysis by MALDI
Jan 29
Student presentations on peptide analysis by MS
Feb 1 C. Cassady (UA) Ion molecule reactions in the gas phase usingFT-MS - applications to peptide sequencing
Feb 5 D. Muddiman (VCU) FT-MS and proteomics
Feb 8 P.Prevelige Use of H-D exchange to probe protein structure
Feb 12 S. Barnes Use of mass spectrometry in enzymology
Feb 15
Students Presentations
Feb 19 S. Barnes Identifying protein - phosphorylation [PDF File]
Feb 22 R. Orlando (Univ. Georgia) Identifying protein - glycosylation
Feb 26 S. Barnes Integration of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics [PDF File]
Mar 1 S. Barnes NO - CLASS
Mar 5 S. Barnes Future of mass spectrometry in the analysis of mutational hotspots and of large DNA molecules
Mar 8
Student presentations