Protein mass spectrometry 2004
(BMG 744)

Course will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays 9 - 11 am in the McCallum Building, 4th floor conference room (401)


Date Lecturer Topic
Jan6 S Barnes / H Kim The world of proteins - beyond genomics [PDF File]
Jan 9 H. Kim The proteome, proteomics and where to start [PDF File]
Jan 13 Liz Brandon Isolation of specific cells and subcellular fractions [PDF FIle]
Jan 16 M Baggott Techniques of protein separation [PDF File]
Jan 20 H Kim Protein separation by electrophoresis and other 2D-methods
Jan 23
Student presentations
Jan 27 S Barnes Mass spectrometry of proteins and peptides: principles and principal methods [PDF File]
Jan 30 S Barnes MALDI and peptide mass fingerprinting [PDF File]
Feb 3 S Barnes Interpretation of peptide fragmentation spectra - peptide sequencing and posttranslational modifications [PDF File]
Feb 6
Class demo of methods
Feb 9
Mid-term exam
Feb 13 E Lefkowitz Connecting proteomics into bioinformatics [PDF File]
Feb 17 S Meleth Statistical issues in proteomics and mass spectrometry [PDF FiIe]
Feb 20 S Barnes Qualitative and quantitative burrowing of the proteome [PDF File]
Feb 24 H Kim/Townes Protein-protein networks/Affinity isolation/immunoprecipitation
Feb 27 P Prevelige Protein structure by H-D exchange mass spectrometry
Mar 2 S Barnes Enzymology, proteomics and mass spectrometry [PDF File]
Mar 5   Student presentations
Mar 9 S Barnes / Wang Tissue and fluid proteomics [PDF File]
Mar 12 H Kim Application of proteomics to the brain proteome
Mar 16 V Darley-Usmar The mitochondrial proteome
Mar 19
Final exam