Protein mass spectrometry 2014
(BMG/PHR 744)

The science of Omics and mass spectrometry

Course will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9 – 10:30 am in the McCallum Building, 4th floor conference room (401)


Date Lecturer Topic
    Basics Course
Jan 6, Mon S. Barnes Analyzing biomolecules. The impact of –omics on biomedical research [PDF File]
Jan 8, Wed H. Kim Simplifying the proteome - techniques of protein purification [PDF File]
Jan 10, Fri H. Kim Protein separation by electrophoresis and other 2D-methods [PDF File]
Jan 13, Mon M. Renfrow The Mass Spectrum: What does it show you? MS1, MS2, MSn [PDF File]
Jan 15, Wed M. Renfrow Mass Spectrometry: Detecting and moving ions in the gas phase. Instrumentation, Mass Analyzers, Ionization [PDF File]
Jan 17, Fri M. Renfrow Biological Mass Spectrometry: Ionization, Calculating Mass, Charge [PDF File]
Jan 20, Mon   Martin Luther King Holiday
Jan 22, Wed M. Renfrow

Peptide/protein identification in MS, Search algorithms, false positives.

Jan 24, Fri S. Barnes Qualitative burrowing of the proteome – identifying PTMs [PDF File]
Jan 27, Mon S. Barnes Metabolomics – GC-MS, LC-MS and NMR [PDF File]
Jan 29, Wed   Snow day – University closed
Jan 31, Fri S. Barnes MRMPath; MRMutation; MRMass Space [PDF File]
Feb 3, Mon S. Barnes Quantitative burrowing of the proteome – Labeling, label-free and absolute quantification [PDF File]
Feb 5, Wed J. Prasain Ion fragmentation of small molecules in mass spectrometry [PDF File]
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    Applications Course
Feb 7, Fri M. Renfrow Analysis of protein-protein interactions by affinity purification and mass spectrometry
Feb 10, Mon J. Prasain Lipidomics and other small molecules by LC-MS [PDF File]
Feb 12, Wed C. Crasto Web tools and the proteome/metabolome; Expasy, KEGG, NCBI, others
Feb 14, Fri M. Renfrow Applications of FT-ICR-MS
Feb 17, Mon J. Prasain Quantitative analysis of small molecules in biological samples [PDF File]
Feb 19, Wed J. Novak/
M. Renfrow
Mass spectrometry in glycomics research - Application to IgA nephropathy
Feb 21, Fri E. Shonsey
Application of MS in Forensics [PDF File]
Feb 24, Mon S. Barnes
J Kabarowski
Application of MS to tissue imaging [PDF File]
Feb 26, Wed S. Barnes Barriers to proteomics research – Federal viewpoint
Feb 28, Fri   Student presentations
Mar 3, Mon H. Kim Use of proteomics and MS methods in the study of the brain proteome and neurodegenerative diseases
Mar 5, Wed H. Kim/S. Barnes Putting it all together – by-passing pyruvate kinase
Mar 7, Fri P. Prevelige Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for Studying Protein Structure [PDF File]
Mar 10, Mon P. Prevelige Study of macromolecular structures – protein complexes [PDF File]
Mar 12, Wed S. Barnes Isotopes in mass spectrometry
Mar 14, Fri S. Barnes Applying mass spectrometry to Free Radical Biology
Mar 21, Fri   Final report due