How to Disclose External Activities?

CIRB COI How-Tos How to Disclose External Activities?

How to Disclose External Activities?

​Investigators (as well as all faculty and staff over grade 20) are required to submit requests to their departments and schools prior to engaging in an activity that draws upon the knowledge, skills, or abilities they use to fulfill their institutional responsibilities for an entity outside the UAB Enterprise.  Examples of these activities include:

  • external employment, including moonlighting and/or locum tenens activities;
  • consulting;
  • lecturing, presenting, or speaking;
  • establishing and/or supporting a start-up company;
  • serving as an expert witness;
  • participating in a board of directors; or
  • participating in a scientific advisory board.
If approved by the department and school, for those individuals involved in UAB research, pertinent information about the activity will be communicated to the CIRB for inclusion in the individual's financial interests profile in IRAP.  As such, there is no need to separately report approved external activities to the CIRB Office or to include the same information in a Disclosure of Financial Interests.

Request for External Activity Approval submission instructions:

  • Go to
  • Enter your blazer id and password.
  • Click on link entitled "External/Internal Activity Approval/Financial Interests Disclosure" (left side of the page).
  • Select the appropriate employment classification.
  • If you are involved in UAB research, indicate that you are an Investigator.
  • Indicate the reason for your form submission is to request external activity approval.
  • Complete the remaining form questions.  Where required, please provide a thorough description.  This is important to the CIRB review process, and insufficient detail will delay reviews.
  • Submit form.