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Enhanced International Travel Registration Process: Single-Step Process

The UAB International Travel Registration (ITR) portal has been upgraded to incorporate enhanced pre-trip risk analysis processes within a single platform. This process upgrade facilitates international travel risk reviews and is also intended to enhance the traveler’s awareness of potential health and safety travel risks in advance of their trip. Please note that the upgraded ITR electronic form eliminates the need to submit separate documents through our current International Travel Exceptions Review Process (ITERP) SharePoint site. It integrates the current two-step process into a more cohesive single-entry form. The ITERP SharePoint site will be discontinued, effective September 1st.

UAB continues to support essential employee business-related international travel. Our international travel risk evaluation procedures incorporate risk advisories and recommendations developed by the U.S. Department of State, CDC, and the International SOS (ISOS) health and security risk management resource. Please use the following guidance to assist you with filing your international travel registration:

All UAB employees are required to complete the International Travel Registration process, regardless of the related international travel risk levels. However, certain international travel registrations warrant a heightened level of review based on risk-based criteria as described below:

Heightened Review by International Travel Risk Management Committee (ITRMC):

IF your Essential UAB-related International Travel is to locations which are at the

  1. DOS travel advisory Level of 4OR
  2. CDC COVID-19 travel recommendation Level of 4 OR
  3. ISOS travel risk advisories:
    1. Medical risk levels of Extreme OR
    2. Security risk levels of High or Extreme

THEN, the International Travel Risk Management Committee (ITRMC) will conduct a heightened review via the established online ITR reviewer workflow as the initial review. This process replaces the ITERP process and is triggered by high-risk travel as noted above.

Otherwise, the ITR is routed based on the established workflow management (WAM) for ITR approvals.

Need A Copy of you Approved ITR Document?

Click Here to access the UABIT Quick Reference Guide to assist you with locating a copy of your fully approved ITR.

International Travel Policy and Related Financial Affairs Procedures

The UAB-Related International Travel Policy was revised effective August 1, 2021, to include a change in the definition of International Travel to now mean “…travel outside of the United States and the District of Columbia.” The U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands, are considered to be International Travel locations, and not Domestic locations for the purposes of this policy.