myUABresearch Update - June 2022


The Office of Research and UAB IT continue to work with the vendor InfoEd Global to finalize the implementation strategy for the new electronic research administration system (eRA). This includes data and document recovery which requires a review and potential revision of UAB data retention policies and planning a timeline for UAB’s new electronic research administration system.

We have begun conversations with InfoEd Global about additional functional capabilities required such as better interfaces with other UAB systems, automated faculty reports like Other Support, dashboards, and easier reporting.

Current focus is improving performance of IRAP system.


IRAP System Improvement Activities Completed:

  • Upgraded IRAP to 901.01
  • Finalized Process Improvement Plan with Vendor
  • Applied 3 major performance improvement tasks
  • Purged the security log (10M rows deleted)

IRAP System Improvement Activities Ongoing:

  • Upgrade tickets
  • Additional Performance Tasks
  • Improving system timeout errors


The Office of Research will continue to update the research community as progress is made toward our new system goal. Please contact Mike Matthews at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions.