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Korina Nance has a unique understanding of obstacles and dreams. The daughter of an immigrant from Thailand, Nance is a first-generation college student who has learned as much from her obstacles as she has from her journey to health professional school. Nance has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UAB but didn’t discover the Physician Assistant career until late in her undergraduate studies.

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After being overlooked twice for admission for UAB’s PA program, she decided that the BHS program would be the way to show her academic potential. Korina joined the first cohort of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Master of Science in Biomedical and Health Sciences (BHS) program in 2015 after being drawn to the program by its courses covering integrated systems like neuroendocrine and cardiopulmonary, as well as the seminar course that teaches cultural competence, professionalism, and interview skills.

“What has kept me impressed with and excited about the program, is the practical and hands-on experience we get every day, such as learning and presenting about pathologies like atrial fibrillation and TB in the systems courses, practicing physical examination techniques, and getting to dissect cadavers to explore real-life anatomy within the heart, said Korina. “Also, most of our lecturers come straight from UAB’s medical school or PA program, which prepares us for the new level of expectations we’ll see, in whatever health professional school we choose.”

Through dedication and a drive to do well in the BHS program, she has shown her academic potential and was finally interviewed and accepted into UAB’s Physician Assistant Program and began the program in Fall 2018.

"If you know your passion in life and want it badly enough, you can make anything happen with a little hard work, determination, and confidence in knowing the importance of never giving up on following your dreams –no matter what it takes," said Nance.

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