Request Forms

Welcome to the UAB School of Health Professions request form page!

Choose from one of the following request forms below and please submit one request for each need - as an example, if you have an event that needs graphics designed and photos taken, you will submit one request for each.

Website Request

This form is for all requests for any websites or webpages in the SHP family.

Please note: there is a "Website Needing Edits" section where you will need to select "School of Health Professions" and then select your specific area.

Click here for the website request form.

Coverage Request

Need a story told? Need photos taken? Need something promoted? This is the form for you.

Click here for the Coverage Request form.

Graphic Design Request

These forms are for all requests related to printable and digital promotion material.

This first form, is to update a previous project - like a past flyer or invitation.

Click here if you are updating a previous project.

This second form is for all new printable and digital promotion requests.

Click here if this is a new project request.