Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PA?
Watch the short video from AAPA

What are the typical PA student characteristics?
Class Cohort of 2015 - 2017

How do I get health related experience?

Previous and current PA students obtained experience as nurses, surgical technicians, athletic trainers, x-ray Technologists, patient care technicians, and medical technologists. Applicants may also volunteer their time in a wide range of opportunities. It should be noted that hands-on patient experience is highly preferred by the program. Shadowing a PA is also strongly recommended.

What if I cannot complete all of the prerequisites by the application deadline?
All applicants with 9 or fewer semester hours of prerequisite courses to complete on Jan 1st of the year of admission will be considered for admission so long as a clearly articulated plan of completion is specified on the supplemental application.

When do I apply to the UAB Graduate School?
Applicants who are accepted to the UAB PA Program will need to complete the UAB Graduate School application. Applicants who are waitlisted will also need to complete the Graduate School application in order to remain on the wait list.

Do you offer advance placement or credit for prior experience?
The UAB Physician Assistant Program does not offer advance placement or credit for prior experience.

Can I make an appointment to talk to an advisor or someone in person?
Individual counselling sessions may be arranged but please note that the PA Program provides information sessions, open to anyone interested, to discuss our application process, mission, curriculum, costs, and outcomes throughout the year. The next sessions are set for spring 2016 and a seat may be reserved by calling 205-934-3209 or emailing us at

How much does it cost to attend UAB's PA program?
For more information, see: Tuition and Scholarships

What is the PA program's tuition refund policy?
UAB has an Institutional Refund Policy that is available here.

What are the program goals and outcomes for UAB's PA program?
The goals of the program as well as many important statistics can be found in the UAB Physician Assistant Program Goals and Outcome Report 2007-2016. This document provides information concerning student surveys, employment rate, and job satisfaction, to name a few.

Does the PA Program allow students to work while attending the program?
Students have the right to engage in part-time employment during the Program’s didactic phase. However, given the rigorous academic requirements of the curriculum, program faculty strongly advises against outside employment. Student employment during the clinical phase of the program is strictly forbidden. It should be noted that no academic concessions will be made for working students. It should be noted that students are not allowed to substitute for faculty, staff during the didactic phase of the program, or as clinical staff during the clinical phase of the program.

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