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Alumni News Kevin Storr September 17, 2018

Gigi Carter, MS, CN, CPT, alumna of the UAB School of Health ProfessionsMaster of Science in Nutrition Sciences, Lifestyle Management and Disease Prevention Track, published her first book, The Plant-Based Workplace: Add Profits, Engage Employees and Save the Planet, earlier this year.

Carter, who spent more than 20 years’ in management roles with companies like Eaton Corporation and Washington Mutual Bank prior to becoming a licensed nutritionist, makes a business case for improving the workplace food environment. Her book lays out a plan to improve employee well-being, maximize productivity, and reduce companies’ carbon footprints.

The idea for The Plant-Based Workplace comes from her own personal success story, along with a shift in thinking to connect human health with planetary health.

“We are on the cusp of economic and environmental collapse due to continued increases in costly chronic diseases and a warming planet,” said Carter, who is the founder and CEO of the consulting and coaching firm My True Self. “Adopting a plant-based dietary pattern is the only plausible solution that can address both, and I’m hoping my book convinces businesses to lead the way for broader societal changes.”

Carter’s book is based on the idea that chronic disease can be treated like any other environmental, health and safety responsibility in the workplace. Each section of the book covers a key component of the plant-based food environment philosophy and shows how company leaders and employees can work together to implement positive change.

The Plant-Based Workplace is available on Amazon and Audible.

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