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Alumni News Kevin Storr February 05, 2016

BBJ Melissa Mancini Courtesy Bob FarleyMelissa Mancini, BBJ photo courtesy Bob Farley / F8FPhotoMelissa Mancini, alumna of the Master of Science in Health Administration Class 39, and Evan Ray, alumnus of UAB’s dual MSHA/MBA degree program, have been named to the Birmingham Business Journal’s 2016 Top 40 Under 40.

Melissa Mancini

Mancini, age 36, is the director of strategy and business development at UAB Health System. The BBJ announcement says her role in managing the AMC21 Strategic Plan “will have a transformative impact on UAB and all of Birmingham.” UAB Medicine’s goal is “to become the Preferred Academic Medical Center of the 21st Century” with the AMC21 as their guide.

Mancini, a previous winner of the UAB MSHA Alumnus of the Year award, is also behind the Innovation Board, another part of AMC21, which delivers small grants (ranging from $5,000 - $10,000) to support ideas that can be implemented and measured quickly – usually within 90 days.
BBJ Evan Ray Courtesy Bob FarleyEvan Ray, BBJ photo courtesy Bob Farley F8FPhoto

Evan Ray

Ray, age 37 and a member of MSHA Class 38, is president of St. Vincent’s Birmingham and St. Vincent’s Chilton in the St. Vincent Health System.

The BBJ feature on Ray says “in a short time he has already sparked significant reductions in emergency room wait times and increases in ER patient satisfaction” across the St. Vincent Health System.

Previously Ray served as president and COO of St. Vincent’s Health System’s Rural Hospital Operations and COO of East Cooper Regional Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

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You can read about each BBJ honor by following the links below.

Evan Ray http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/news/2016/02/04/meet-the-2016-top-40-under-40.html#g33 

Melissa Mancini http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/news/2016/02/04/meet-the-2016-top-40-under-40.html#g25

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