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Programs News Rylan Gray May 09, 2024

Kristin Chapleau with the SHP Office of Student Services and Advising team.Kristin Chapleau with the SHP Office of Student Services and Advising team.

Kristin Chapleau, MaE, director of the Office of Student Services and Advising has been selected as the UAB CAA Outstanding Advisor Award – Advising Administrator recipient. She becomes the first person from the School of Health Professions to win this award.

“I feel incredibly humbled.” I’m just doing my job and I feel no matter what your job is, you should be passionate and excited about it and do your best,” said Chapleau. “I’m thankful that my sweet staff and students thought so highly of me but it’s not the reason I do the job, I do it because I truly love what I do, and I truly love this university and our students.”

A Birmingham native, Chapleau attended UAB for both her undergrad and graduate school degrees. As a student, she realized she loved talking and working with people and sought to explore her options pertaining to her career.

During her undergraduate studies, she would go on to intern in the former UAB program, “Student Life,” under the late Virginia Gauld, Ph.D., who was vice president of student affairs. Gauld, the first female VP at UAB, was a force at the university and was instrumental in a 34 percent enrollment increase during her tenure. She, along with several other influential women at UAB, would provide mentorship, helping Chapleau conclude that higher education could be a great path for her career.

As a graduate student, Chapleau worked in career services in the Collat School of Business, her first role post graduate school was as an academic advisor in the School of Education. From there, she transitioned back to Collat in a similar role but would go on to become the director of Student Career Services when the department was created.

After more than 10 years there, she transitioned to the SHP Biomedical Sciences (BMD) program in 2014 as a program manager and instructor for freshman and sophomore non-science-based courses. In 2021, she became director of the Office of Student Services and Advising to revamp the way the student services was handled. Since then, she has helped transform student advising across the school and positively impacted the lives of countless students while continuing to lead the Student Services and Advising team.

“Mrs. Chapleau played a pivotal role in my growth as an undergraduate student and I can confidently state that without Mrs. Chapleau's guidance, I would not be where I am today, and for that, I cannot thank her enough. Mrs. Chapleau's intervention in my life is an example of her dedication to her students, a quality I will always cherish."
– Cody Anger, alumnus of BMD (2018) and M.S. in Biomedical Health Sciences (2020), third-year medical student, UAB Heersink School of Medicine.

“She goes above and beyond to ensure that students not only excel academically but also develop a broader understanding of their role in the broader context of knowledge creation and societal impact. Her dedication extends beyond the confines of a traditional advisor, as she actively contributes to the development of well-rounded, empowered individuals who are equipped to make a positive impact on the world."
– Briana Watson, Alumnus (2024), UAB Biomedical Sciences, 1st Year McWhorter School of Pharmacy

Chapleau with friend and fellow advisor Brooke WalkerChapleau with friend and fellow advisor Brooke Walker.

Along with creating retention events and teaching freshman year experience courses, Chapleau has introduced new programs that have flourished since their inception. One of those programs is a Student Ambassador Program, created to spread awareness of the School of Health Professions and its multifaceted undergraduate programs.

The program is intended for SHP students to serve as liaisons between the departmental and university-wide student organizations, while serving as a student voice in school and university-wide committees, with the timely goal of creating a sense of community for all SHP students.

“Our relationship grew exponentially when I joined the School of Health Professions Ambassadors Program my sophomore year,” said UAB BMD student Sergi Cebrian. “Being the soul advisor, she aided in growing an incredibly useful program into what it is today, while simultaneously keeping the organization full of energy and positive thinking.”

Chapleau’s nomination for this award was led and submitted by Christopher Smith, academic advisor, B.S. in Healthcare Management program, Adam Pinson, academic advisor, BMD program, and Aina Grods, program manager, Office of Student Services and Advising.

“My staff is so hard working, and they care so much about the students,” said Chapleau. “Our school is growing exponentially and they’re always willing to do more for the benefit of the students. Without them, I would not be able to do what I do.”

Known for her dedication to the growth and development of UAB students, we know Chapleau will continue to go above and beyond, pushing and motivating her students and staff to excel in all ways.

“Her unique ability to create a sense of belonging, coupled with her commitment to UAB's vision, sets her apart as an exceptional advisor and administrator,” added Watson. “Mrs. Chapleau's influence extends far beyond the academic realm, leaving a mark on the lives of students fortunate enough to benefit from her guidance.”

Chapleau with her fellow UAB Outstanding Advisor Award winners.Chapleau with her fellow UAB Outstanding Advisor Award winners. 

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