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Programs News Kevin Storr November 10, 2016

QEP ForumLynn Holt leads the QEP ForumThe UAB Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), designed to improve an aspect of student learning and, therefore, enhance the quality of education at UAB, held a seminar for all first-year students from the Biotechnology, Genetic Counseling, Nuclear Medicine, Health Physics, Clinical and Laboratory Sciences and Physician Assistant Studies programs.

More than 150 students from the UAB School of Health ProfessionsDepartment of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences gathered at Volker Hall for the event.

The QEP team included Norman Bolus (Nuclear Medicine Technology and Health Physics), Tosi Gilford (Physician Assistant Studies), Holt (Genetic Counseling), Rick Kilgore (Physician Assistant Studies), Brianna Miller (Clinical and Laboratory Science), Tino Unlap (Biotechnology) and Penni Watts (School of Nursing).

During the session, students observed a demonstration simulation of professional teamwork and communication in the clinical setting.  Following the simulation, the students were assigned small groups with faculty leaders to discuss the methods and have their questions answered.


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