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Students/Faculty News Kevin Storr June 23, 2023

Addy Bias, a senior majoring in biobehavioral nutrition and wellness, created the mural that is displayed in the stairwell on the north side of the Susan Mott Webb Nutrition Sciences Building (WEBB). Bias wanted to create a piece that represented movement and the School of Health Professions from her viewpoint. We sat down with Bias to learn more.

Why was it important to create this mural for WEBB?

“I have taken classes and at times lived in this building for the majority of my undergraduate career.”

How did you relate to the messaging behind the art you were asked to create?

“I am definitely behind the message of encouraging movement in ways that are accessible and not complicated. Plus, UAB Sustainability is partnered with this, and I am passionate about sustainability.”

What does your piece “Joyful Movement,” represent?

“I just thought about what I would have benefitted from seeing when I was a freshman. So, I wanted to show that movement is about feeling safe, respected and cared for in your body – it’s not about changing your body.”

What do you feel the challenges are in nutrition?

“With students in nutrition – and probably with people in health professions – there is this pressure to want to be the perfect example of health who is eating perfect meals and working out the perfect amount. But being health oriented is not about being what everybody else thinks is perfect. There is so much to say about balance – enjoying celebratory foods in addition to sensible foods and experiencing movement but also allowing your body to rest.”

You mentioned living overseas and going to the Louvre Museum in Paris as a kid, is that what inspired to you get into art?

“Of course, any girl that goes to the Louvre when they are 10 says ‘I’m going to grow up and be an artist!’ But I wouldn’t consider myself an artist by any means – it’s always just been on the side to have a creative outlet."

Why nutrition?

“I think everyone has had that experience where you feel helpless, where someone you love hasn’t been healthy and the urgency that goes with not knowing what to do but wanting them to be better. Nutrition is a field where there is so much potential impact that we are learning about – it helps me feel less hopeless about people’s health and more in power myself.”

Visit the Mural

To see Addy’s “Joyful Movement” mural in-person, visit the north stairwell in WEBB between the 4th and 5th floor.

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