Sustainable Smart Cities Master's Program

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Global cities face major complex challenges to find smarter, more sustainable and inclusive models of growth.

We are living in the century of the city. For the first time in human history more than half of the world’s population now lives in a city and the urban population is set to double by 2050.

Cities are the engines of economic growth, innovation, education and culture, but they are also home to concentrations of poverty, social exclusion and environmental degradation and are responsible for 80% of the World’s CO2 output.

Despite these challenges, cities are increasingly seen as the engines of sustainable development and the shift to a low carbon economy. Rapid technological developments present unprecedented opportunities for cities to design and adapt into smart, intelligent and sustainable environments through digital technologies, big data, low-energy buildings and neighborhoods, renewable energy and smart mobility.

The opportunities created by these new technologies challenge the way in which we conceive of cities, how we design and construct them and how we will live in them.
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Creating sustainable smart cities requires cross-sectoral and inter-disciplinary approaches to develop new political, financial, social and cultural models afforded by new technologies and systems.
There was never a more exciting time to be involved in the design and development of cities. How can we adopt renewable energy technologies at scale? How can we best safeguard scarce natural resources and adapt to climate change and extreme weather events?  What are the ethical and governance issues arising from new digital technologies and big data?  How can we create genuinely sustainable, healthy and equitable communities?

The Master’s Degree in Sustainable Smart Cities from the University of Alabama at Birmingham will equip you with the knowledge and skills to help build the sustainable smart cities of the future.
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