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UAB Campus Dining is pleased to announce that Ricardo “Rickey” Torregano has been named a Foodservice Hero. Out of 400 nominees, Rickey is one of 22 college dining associates chosen by Food Management for their commitment to customer care.

“I love this job. When I’m setting a table and someone comes up to me and says, ‘this looks beautiful’ it makes me so proud to know I was a part of it,” said Rickey.

For 45 years, Rickey has devoted himself to providing quality customer care and ensuring everyone he engages leaves the conversation with a smile. He has served in various roles, including catering for the Blazer Catering Co., retail, and resident dining capacities. His eagerness to jump in and help anyone in need is unparalleled. Every day, Rickey exemplifies the definition of hard work and dedication that we value at UAB Campus Dining.