A headshot of Sharifa Wip

The UAB Division of Student Affairs has many exceptional staff members who serve our students with professionalism, kindness, and integrity. Based on a pool of nominations each month, the Professional Development Committee announces the Employee of the Month.

The November Employee of the Month is SMDP's Sharifa Wip.

What nominators said about Sharifa Wip Sharifa was recently named as SMDP’s Assistant Director. During her transition to the new role, the office experienced the previous director's leaving and the new director's beginning. Sharifa has been amazing in helping the SMDP office make the transition while taking on new responsibilities herself. She assisted in onboarding new staff members and the new director. In addition, she provided guidance in programming to make sure we continued to produce quality programs.

Sharifa has been valuable in helping to plan the HPU conference coming to UAB. She has the ability to create events that provide exceptional experiences for staff and students. Sharifa is one of the most well-known people on campus and has a great reputation across the UAB Community.

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