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  • Samantha Wadsworth

    Samantha Wadsworth, Disability Support Services

    March 2024

    The March Employee of the Month is Samantha Wadsworth the ADA Investigator/Faculty Advisor for Disability Support Services. Sam joined the DSS team in June of 2024.

    As part of her role, Sam is responsible for faculty outreach and advisement when it comes to serving our students with disabilities. It is through her leadership that she taken the DSS faculty and staff education plan to new heights. Her creativity and innovated ways of training development has increased faculty and staff engagement. DSS has seen a significant increase in the amount of training and workshop requests come from the UAB community. For example, she has expanded compliance outreach efforts to areas outside of the traditional stakeholders to include UAB Police Department.

    In addition to leading campus education efforts, Sam oversees the ADA investigative process in the office. In the event of an ADA complaint, Sam is responsible for investigating claims of potential discrimination based on disability. As one can imagine, this critical task can often be tedious, very time sensitive, and involves heightened emotions from all parties. Sam has the unique ability to establish a strong non-biased rapport with both complainant and responding parties. She maintains a strong sense of professionalism throughout the investigative process to ensure a fair, equitable experience for all involved.

    Sam has continued to demonstrate a strong commitment to ensuring access for students with disabilities through her proactive and innovative training efforts as well as through thorough, balanced investigative processes. Her excellence and commitment to integrity and equity make her the perfect candidate for the Student Affairs Employee of the Month.

    Naquela Kirk

    Naquela Kirk, Student Affairs Marketing & Communications

    February 2024

    The February Employee of the Month is Naquela Kirk, Assistant Director of Student Affairs Marketing & Communications. As the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Kirk has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the Division of Student Affairs, embodying its core values of accountability, collaboration, equity and inclusion, excellence, innovation, integrity, and well-being.

    Nominators praised Kirk for her exemplary work ethic, consistently meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. She actively fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment, advocating for marginalized communities and promoting diversity initiatives within the department. Kirk's commitment to excellence is evident in her high-quality results, exemplified through her involvement in various events such as the Coming Out on the Green and the Camille Armstrong Scholarship Step Show.

    Furthermore, Kirk embraces innovation, seeking creative solutions to challenges and upholding ethical standards with integrity, even in difficult situations. She prioritizes the well-being of herself and her colleagues, promoting a healthy work-life balance and supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing mental and physical health.

    Overall, Naquela Kirk's dedication to embodying the values of UAB Student Affairs makes her a valuable asset to the Marketing and Communications office and the Division, exemplifying the qualities of an exemplary employee.

    Melea Hodge

    Melea Hodge, Student Health Services

    January 2024

    The January Employee of the Month is Melea Hodge, Quality and Information Management Analyst for Student Health Services. Her work ethic and commitment to providing incredible customer services to UAB students make her one to be celebrated. Melea joined Student Health Services about a year and a half ago to take on the Quality and Information Management Analyst position. She manages the electronic medical record system. Melea had to learn the EMR system basically on her own. She had to rely solely on the vendor and her previous work experience to answer any questions. Most EMR support groups have multiple team members; Melea is a team of one. She has taken ownership of her Student Health Services role and excelled in it. It is like she was made for this job, and Student Health Services never skipped a beat when this position became vacant due to the retirement of the previous employee.

    Melea’s job was demanding enough as it was, but in October of 2023, Melea found herself doing more than just the job she was hired to do. She filled in for the medical clearance person who was on maternity leave. She also took on a portion of the responsibilities of medical referrals. Both positions were very demanding, and students/patients were depending on someone to handle their medical referrals and their compliance for enrollment.

    From October through December of 2023, Melea demonstrated excellence by doing the work of multiple roles. There were days when she was very sick but refused to take a sick day, instead she worked from home and worked late hours even past midnight to make sure that student’s health needs were taken care of as well as what they needed to register for classes. She was committed to the wellbeing of students and refused to let them wait on what they needed.

    Melea has demonstrated accountability by taking on all of these roles and performing them at the highest level. She has collaborated with the EMR vendor, IT support groups, labs, and several other departments on campus to make the experience as pleasant as possible for students. The amazing thing about all of this is that Melea is the nicest person you could meet, and though at times the tasks became overwhelming, Melea always greets everyone with a smile and a welcoming attitude. She always wants to make a good impression and do the right thing.

    Skyler Yasenchack

    Skyler Yasenchack, Student Counseling Services

    December 2023

    The December Employee of the Month is Skyler Yasenchack, Clinical Counselor Associate and Counselor-in-Residence in the Department of Student Counseling Services. Yasenchack continues to exceed expectations in her role. Her work ethic and commitment to the mental health of UAB students make her one to be celebrated.

    Skyler not only embodies and exemplifies the American Counseling Association’s mission, vision, and values—she also recognizes our role in supporting and developing students from a Student Affairs framework. Skyler has shown a commitment to the Student Affairs Core Values—accountability, advocacy, integrity, collaboration, student-centered—and has tirelessly worked as a part of our team of counselors to ensure we are also aligning with the values to best serve our students.

    Skyler’s demonstrated accountability and advocacy to our students, campus, and division is evident through her leadership in supporting our on-campus residence as one of the Counselor-in-Residences. Due to Skyler’s efforts, we have seen a significant increase in access to our on-campus residence, and there has been positive feedback for the CIR initiative. Because of her service to our students, Student Housing and Student Counseling Services know they can count on Skyler to stand in the gap and meet the unique needs of our on-campus students.

    Skyler acts with the utmost integrity in all she does and models this integrity through her vision of the CIR program, her work with her clients, and peer-to-peer support. Skyler supports collaboration by working closely with Student Housing & Residence Life to identify the needs of the on-campus students in order to deliver effective and meaningful workshops, groups, and other outreach opportunities.

    In all she does, I have personally witnessed Skyler’s professional and positive attitude, passionate spirit, and caring disposition towards our students and staff. Skyler’s “whatever you need” mentality serves our office well, and she absolutely means it when she tells us that whatever you need, just ask. Skyler’s level of care, student-centered approach, and leadership are some of the many aspects that make working in Student Counseling Services special!

    Allison Martin

    Allison Martin, University Recreation

    November 2023

    Allison's remarkable dedication, accountability, and innovative ideas have significantly impacted the department and our students' experience.

    Accountability is a key trait that Allison consistently demonstrates. She has taken full responsibility for the department's success in engaging with students on social media, resulting in our social media account becoming the second most followed within Student Affairs.

    Innovation is in Joe’s DNA. He is not content with the status quo and consistently seeks new and creative solutions to our organization's challenges. His fresh perspectives have led to breakthroughs and process improvements. Integrity is non-negotiable for Joe. He maintains the highest ethical standards, consistently making the right choices even when no one is watching. This integrity is the foundation of trust within our team.

    Moreover, one of the department's annual goals is directly under Allison's responsibility, which involves hosting two to four large-scale events supporting the university's aim of creating a sense of belonging. Through her efforts, she has nearly reached this goal after hosting two events in late October, with an impressive total participation of around 450 students. It is not just about the numbers; Allison's introduction of the Rubber Ducky Race as part of Recstravaganza has been a game-changer. The number of participants doubled since last year and the energy in the Aquatics Center, where the race took place, was out of this world. This innovative program idea has become a conversation starter and the event's main attraction.

    Collaboration has been at the core of Allison's planning for Recstravaganza. She has reached out to numerous on-campus partners, including the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, to engage student organizations in promoting the Rubber Duck Race. Additionally, she has collaborated with various Student Affairs units to ensure their active participation through tabling. Allison's inclusion of dance-focused club sports into the event has provided them with a platform to showcase their skills and abilities, fostering a strong sense of community.

    Recstravaganza, the event Allison organized, was designed to promote new opportunities for students to be active and to promote their well-being in a safe and welcoming environment. Allison's meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful planning ensured that every aspect of the event was carefully considered. As a result, participants not only enjoyed themselves but also learned new ways to be active and prioritize their well-being. Being a part of the team that hosted this exceptional event has made me feel incredibly fortunate. Allison's commitment to excellence has been evident throughout the entire planning and execution process.

    She has displayed exceptional leadership skills, ensuring that every participant had a memorable experience. Her accountability, innovative ideas, and collaborative spirit have made a significant impact on our department and the student body.

    Joe Peterson

    Joe Peterson, Student Housing and Residence Life

    October 2023

    Joe’s unwavering commitment to accountability, collaboration, equity and inclusion, excellence, innovation, integrity, and wellbeing has left an indelible mark on our department. Accountability is at the core of Joe's work ethic. He consistently meets deadlines and takes ownership of his projects. His reliability and dependability set a standard for his peers, ensuring that our team operates smoothly and efficiently.

    Joe excels in the spirit of collaboration. He fosters an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued. His ability to bring team members together, harnessing their unique strengths, has resulted in the successful completion of numerous projects. Equity and inclusion are not just buzzwords for Joe. He champions diversity, consistently seeking ways to make our workplace more inclusive. His tireless efforts to ensure that every voice is heard and valued contributes to a more equitable and harmonious work environment. The pursuit of excellence is evident in every task Joe undertakes. He approaches his work with a keen eye for detail, striving for perfection and encouraging others to do the same. His dedication to quality is a beacon for the entire team.

    Innovation is in Joe’s DNA. He is not content with the status quo and consistently seeks new and creative solutions to our organization's challenges. His fresh perspectives have led to breakthroughs and process improvements. Integrity is non-negotiable for Joe. He maintains the highest ethical standards, consistently making the right choices even when no one is watching. This integrity is the foundation of trust within our team.
    Lastly, Joe is a fervent advocate for wellbeing. He prioritizes self-care and encourages others to do the same. His contagious positive energy and dedication to maintaining a healthy work-life balance makes our workplace a better, more fulfilling space for all.

    Joe Peterson personifies UAB’s values and is the embodiment of the Employee of the Month. His dedication to these core principles is inspiring, and I wholeheartedly endorse his nomination. His contributions make our workplace a better, more inclusive, and harmonious environment for all.

    Cardarius Smoot

    Cardarius Smoot, Student Health Services

    September 2023

    CarDarius consistently set goals and timelines, being proactive with tasks, while setting clear exceptions for himself. Although he rarely makes mistakes when he does, he acknowledges those mistakes. CarDarius is also focused on strengthening and learning skills to prevent future occurrences.

    CarDarius comes to work on time and leaves work on time every day. He drafts a task list which he prepares and tracks his progress daily. He constantly checks in and gives updates. CarDarius goes above and beyond every day. He consistently comes up with innovative processes to increase productivity and add value to the lab area for providers and students.

    You could not describe a better person as CarDarius in having upstanding character traits, work ethics including sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty. From a holistic perspective it is truly a blessing having CarDarius on staff. He brings a since of positivity and calmness that improves the culture of all those around him. He always looks at the positive side and strives to live his life everyday in that way.

    Kit Emslie

    Kit Emslie, Collegiate Recovery and Intervention

    August 2023

    For over the past year, Kit Emslie has made UAB’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) one of the most vital resources available to students on our campus. For each project, program, print, and digital assets they distribute—Kit looks for ways that their department can be the most inclusive it can be. From students of a variety of backgrounds and identities to situations, they want the CRC to be a place that all Blazers can trust and thrive in.

    Over the past two semesters Kit has collaborated with various offices including Student Media, Wellness Promotion, and even external organizations like the Addiction Prevention Coalition to achieve their goals. From Silent Disco, Collegiate Recovery Day on the Green, and the great return of Blazer Villages’ Sober Tailgate, to debuting the office’s brand new Speaker Recovery Series—Kit has led the department in an outstanding way. They truly make the CRC a place that is open, friendly, and accommodating to any student who wishes to change their relationship with substances.

    Stacy Rowan

    Stacy Rowan, Fraternity and Sorority Life

    July 2023

    In Stacy’s time at UAB, she has gone above and beyond to live out the division’s values. Stacy takes significant ownership of her direct role overseeing the fraternity and sorority community. She believes in the work she does and demonstrates the value of fraternity/sorority involvement in not only her work life, but also personal life. Stacy has served on the board of the Birmingham Panhellenic Association. She participates in multiple fraternity professional conferences, such as the American Fraternity Association, and she has even advocated for (and executed) taking a group of UAB students to a local fraternal conference – these efforts connect her work at UAB to the profession more broadly.

    This past year, Stacy has taken on more responsibility with not only educating her students but also Student Affairs staff on the risks associated with hazing. For example, in addition to Hazing Prevention Week (a week of programming facilitated by Stacy), Stacy also presented this summer on hazing at the One Day Conference.

    Stacy is also collaborative. For example, this year Stacy proposed a collaborative event between the fraternity and sorority community and the UAB Leadership and Service Council to demonstrate our shared commitment to community engagement. With her support, the students established the first Creed Week Rise Against Hunger event that resulted in more than 100 student volunteers. Although she oversees a specific student population, she is very intentional to ensure they are not siloed on campus. Rather, under her influence, the FSL community is represented in various other co-curricular experiences and are often turned to as a community of support for large-scale campus initiatives.

    Deborah Powe

    Deborah Powe, Student Services

    June 2023

    Deborah Powe exemplifies Student Affairs strategic areas and priorities (Accountability, collaboration, equity & inclusion, and excellence) in her work. She is the resource person in the division, especially for the Office of Assessment and Planning. While working for two Assistant Vice Presidents, she also assists the offices of Assessment and Planning, Student Media, Marketing & Communication, and other areas with administrative responsibilities. She goes above and beyond to help colleagues.

    She is the one we can reach out for help anytime when we need it. No matter what questions we have, such as UAB resources, policies, purchasing, office supplies, and travel, we can always trust her to provide the information we need and solve the problem. She takes accountability for what she does and sets high standards for her services.

    Deborah makes people feel welcome and appreciated. She reaches out to staff and students to make them feel part of the Division and UAB. Assessment and Planning has had two international students and Deborah treated both of them genuinely and sincerely to make them feel welcome and cared for. She puts extra time and effort to understand these students and to communicate with them because of their unique backgrounds. She celebrates student milestones with them and encourages them to talk to people, interact with people, and seek help. She helps students perceive UAB as an inclusive community for all students.

    Annie Sellers

    Annie Sellers, Veterans Services

    May 2023

    In the two years I have known Annie Sellers she has proven to be one of the most deserving in our division to be celebrated. She is more than just a VA certifying official. More often than not, she is a mentor and guiding figure for veteran students, one of their fiercest advocators, and is always searching for ways that she can help each student succeed in their personal, academic and professional goals.

    She is collaborative with other departments, reaching out to SAMAC, SMDP, and channels across the university to ensure that veteran students have everything they need to succeed.

    Annie is the epitome of excellence. Serving as a role model for her students, division and colleagues as well. Her years of experience are inspiring, her personality lifts everyone in the room, and the lives she touches are forever changed. Not only does she certify student veterans and their dependents, but she also helps them discover benefits, helps them when they face a crisis, and points them toward resources on campus that can help them succeed.

    The health and well-being of her students is her priority. Together, we have discussed a collaboration with Student Counseling Services as an extension of their 'get help now' webpage but specifically geared towards our veteran population. Her dedication is moving, inspiring, and integral to the division's mission and creed.

    Darien Garrison

    Darien Garrison, Hill Student Center

    April 2023

    “Since day one as Hill Student Center Assistant Director, Darien has worked tirelessly to improve our operation and develop our student employment program. From developing a comprehensive student employee handbook, streamlining our hiring, and onboarding practices, implementing well-being check-ins with each student, and creating a welcoming/inclusive environment for all. Darien has fundamentally improved our department. At the core of her being, Darien is a staunch advocate and supporter of our students. Through fair and compassionate leadership, she has established herself as an exceptional role model and mentor to our student team, who routinely express their thanks and appreciation for her.

    Darien’s exceptional work ethic and commitment to continuous improvement are best demonstrated by just a few notable initiatives she has completed recently. First, she has spent the past three years developing a comprehensive student training program that includes a four-day fall training, monthly all-staff meetings, a “spring refresh” training, and has multiple events/programs to recognize, appreciate and reward our students. This program includes HSC-specific training but is intentional to include numerous elements focused on customer service, transferable skills, DEI, and well-being.

    Beyond her role as Assistant Director with HSC, Darien serves on multiple division-wide committees and regularly volunteers to assist with DoSA signature events. Darien was recently presented a DoSA Thank You coin for her exceptional work and support as a member of the planning team for the U.S. Health Promoting Campuses Network National Summit held at Hill Student Center this spring. She served as a First-Year Experience course instructor supporting the Blazing Start program last semester and routinely collaborates with occupants and colleagues throughout HSC, the DoSA and across campus.

    In addition, she was named ACUI Region III “New Professional of the Year” in 2021 and ACUI Region III “Volunteer of the Year” in 2022. She was also invited to present a session on innovative student leadership development at the ACUI Region III Conference at Emory University (Nov 22’) and the ACUI Annual Conference in Boston, MA (2023). Darien consistently demonstrates excellence as a practitioner and volunteer throughout the industry and will no doubt ensure UAB, the DoSA and Hill Student Center remain a leader for years to come!”

    Glynnis Jackson

    Glynnis Jackson, Student Housing and Residence Life

    March 2023

    "Glynnis Jackson has been a strong leader and teammate since she joined the Student Housing and Residence Life staff in 2021. Glynnis consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her student staff and residents are supported and have what they need to be successful at UAB.

    As the chair of our Student Staff Selection committee, Glynnis has worked tirelessly since October to plan and execute our selection cycle for over 100 student staff members in our department, communicating expectations and processes effectively to applicants and professional staff alike while ensuring an effective and efficient selection process. Glynnis is consistently looking for ways to be more transparent and inclusive, this year including hard copies of interview questions for candidates to refer to during their interview, ensuring that our process is accessible to all students.

    Glynnis has handled several high-level incidents over the last year that have challenged her as a person and a professional. Despite the difficult circumstances she's encountered, she never misses an opportunity to learn from others and support those around her in any way she can. Whether she's going to Buffalo Wild Wings with her RAs because they've had a long week or offering to help another pro staff member with health and safety checks, Glynnis is one of the most reliable, supportive, and hardworking members of our SHRL team."

    Jessica Conger

    Jessica Conger, Student Affairs Marketing & Communications

    February 2023

    "Jessica Conger has tirelessly provided much of the division's digital signage, T-shirt designs, social media graphics, cup and marketing items, logos, letterheads, and more. Jessica has crafted and maintained the very image of many of our divisional projects, deliverables and public-facing assets. She completed and single-handedly designed the Student Affairs Annual Report, the Family Engagement calendar, and the creation of the Cooking Health Smart title card and graphics. Jess is innovative with her creations, staying up to date on marketing trends and design. She is quick to respond to tasks and is dependable in reaching deadlines. Jessica is also a great mentor to student designers and helps set them on the path to professional careers. Jess is an unsung hero in Student Affairs, and we would not be the fun, diverse brand that we are without her artistic capability and passion."

    Joy Burrell

    Joy Burrell, Disability Support Services

    January 2023

    "Joy exceeds all expectations as the program coordinator for the Disability Support Services Office. Joy has exceeded her job duties and exceptionally manages events and testing.

    Joy has created events for students to learn more about accessibility checkpoints on campus and created a fun and calming activities that allow them to stress less. Many students, faculty, and staff have stated how much joy she brings to them, and they always feel better than when they leave. She always ensures that Disability Support Service students have a calming space to study and test. "

    Tiffany Holloway

    Tiffany Holloway, UAB Career Center

    December 2022

    "Tiffany Holloway joined the UAB Career Center team in June 2022 as Assistant Director and Career Consultant. Tiffany has hit the ground running, developing partnerships in the Schools of Education, Nursing, and Vulcan Materials Academic Success Center.

    Tiffany Holloway's efforts resulted in 37 scheduled classroom presentations last fall with an approximate reach of 1,200 students. In addition, Tiffany has ensured the students enrolled in all First Year Experience courses have student success resources that ensure they can connect their academic goals with career aspirations. Tiffany is working hard to ensure student success is foreseeable and achieved for the students at UAB."

    Sharifa Wip

    Sharifa Wip, Student Multicultural and Diversity Programs

    November 2022

    Sharifa was recently named as SMDP’s Assistant Director. During her transition to the new role, the office experienced the previous director's leaving and the new director's beginning. Sharifa has been amazing in helping the SMDP office make the transition while taking on new responsibilities herself. She assisted in onboarding new staff members and the new director. In addition, she provided guidance in programming to make sure we continued to produce quality programs.

    Sharifa has been valuable in helping to plan the HPU conference coming to UAB. She has the ability to create events that provide exceptional experiences for staff and students. Sharifa is one of the most well-known people on campus and has a great reputation across the UAB Community.

    Jalan Cunningham

    Jalan Cunningham, Disability Support Services

    October 2022

    Jalan has played an integral role in expanding disability inclusion and awareness efforts through her leadership by creating innovative events that foster conversations about marginalized groups and trends as it relates to understanding of intersectionality.

    Brad Goggins

    Brad Goggins, Housing and Dining Facilities

    September 2022

    As associate director for Housing and Dining Facilities, Brad Goggins has been an integral member of our Student Housing and Dining team since arriving on campus in the spring of 2019.

    His leadership, kindness, empathy, tenacity, and tireless work ethic have propelled him to "rock star" status and earned him the respect and trust of his team, University administration, residents, parents, peers, and his family.

    He loves UAB. He embodies what a servant leader is all about.

    Caleb Mass

    Caleb Maas, University Recreation

    August 2022

    Ever since Caleb joined our team, he has been one of the key professionals working for our team. He immediately started to develop connections with our student employees across all areas and made many professional connections across the division. He has become one of the most effective leaders in connecting with the team and has become one of our leaders for collaborative efforts. He’s been key in leading one of our newest services, URec on the Go, that was utilized a few times over the past few months during events such as the Wellness Fair hosted by Wellness Promotion, and Student Health and Wellness retreat. Excellence is engraved into everything Caleb pursues. He’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and complete his tasks at hand to ensure the best possible experience for all of URec members and participants.

    Erica Johnson

    Erica Johnson, Student Counseling Services

    July 2022

    Erica has been an excellent therapist in her time in Student Counseling Services and none more this past month. She provides excellent clinical support to her clients that helps them reach their goals as a student. She promotes a high level of teamwork and professionalism in the office.

    By virtue of her role, Erica often sees students on some of their very worst days. Fortunately, she carries herself with warmth, compassion, and genuine care for every student and colleague who comes through her door. Erica's dedication to Student Counseling Services' mission also makes her a prime example of a UAB community member who embodies the values of a Health Promoting University.

    Rasheal Hunter-Owen

    Rasheal Hunter-Owen, Title IX

    June 2022

    "Rasheal is a driving force in the Title IX office. She consistently goes above and beyond in the quantity and quality of work she accomplishes. Rasheal is often the first individual people meet when coming to the Title IX Office, and she treats each individual with respect and dignity.

    I have observed numerous instances during which a person would be visibly nervous when stepping into the office. At that point, Rasheal would warmly and kindly greet them, and the nervousness would dissipate. Rasheal constantly strives to meet her own highly set expectations and meets those expectations daily.

    Rasheal is always willing to collaborate with others and learn new methods to best serve the students and staff with whom she interacts. When it comes to integrity, I can think of no one with whom I have worked that better exemplifies this quality. When Rasheal says she will do something, she does it."

    Julia Sanford

    Julia Sanford, Student Counseling Services

    May 2022

    "Julia is one of the most compassionate and skilled clinicians I have ever had the opportunity to work alongside. She exemplifies daily what it means to be an empathetic and knowledgeable practitioner. Her clinical skills are unmatched and whenever there is a difficult situation, she is always the first to jump in and use her expertise to ensure student needs are met swiftly and professionally."

    Columbia Young

    Columbia Young, Student Housing & Residence Life

    April 2022

    "Columbia has been a driving force in creating engaging, holistic programming for second-year students at UAB. In her first year at UAB, she has worked tirelessly to revamp the Second Year Experience program to cater to our students and their development. Her commitment to creating a supportive environment for students to grow and thrive at UAB is most impressive when considering her efforts to collaborate with other student affairs and academic offices. I think that her success in creating these partnerships and programs stems from her undeniable passion for her work and the care she has for our students. She is a great example of balancing care for yourself and care for your students, challenging the status quo, and advocating for those who aren't at the table. "

    Monica Merriweather

    Monica Merriweather, Student Health and Wellness

    March 2022

    "Monica has shown excellence during the pandemic by constantly adapting and changing based on guidelines and needs, and managing a high volume of work while often short staffed-- she has been exceptionally flexible in this way to keep the clinic running in order that we continue our mission of serving students."

    Catherine Buttrey

    Catherine Buttrey, Disability Support Services

    February 2022

    "Catherine has accomplished so much and has significantly contributed to the mission of Student Affairs and DSS through her continued collaboration with campus partners, her focus on creating an accessible student experience, and being a champion for disability inclusion."

    Wesley Peterson

    Wesley Peterson, Student Affairs Marketing and Communication

    Janurary 2022

    "Wes is always the first person that encourages our team to collaborate with each other and externally. He not only values our opinions and thoughts as colleagues but is open to changes we’d like to see or make within the department. Wes makes it manageable to produce the great work our department does, while also prioritizing our physical and mental well-being. Wesley looks for ways that our projects work and ways that we can improve. It is always a collaborative discussion, where ideas and suggestions are talked about both before, during, and after an event takes place. His work continues to make UAB the best version of itself it can be."

    Consuelo Click

    Consuelo Click, Student Counseling Services

    December 2021

    "Consuelo is a light of positive energy, a support to our staff, and a rock to the counselors in their clinical roles. Her determination to show up for students in distress and outreach work as a leader in the QPR Team are perfect examples of how Consuelo puts students first and finds way to empower the university as a whole."

    Alex Bushery

    Alex Bushery, Student Invovlement & Leadership

    November 2021

    "Alex identifies student challenges, addresses issues directly, and advocates on their behalf when processes or policies do not align with organization operations. Alex collaborated with three FYE instructors to provide involvement presentations through her oversight of the Pathfinders program. She worked diligently with the instructors to ensure the presentation content met their expectations. Nearly 90% of the participants reported they felt the presentation was 'very helpful' as a result."

    Aydrian Miles

    Aydrian Miles, Student Health and Wellness

    October 2021

    "Aydrian has broad responsibilities for all lab processes and much of the daily COVID reporting to leadership, information critical to decision-makers, and she accomplishes this with consistency, efficiency and accuracy 7 days a week. Her responsibilities have been a large piece of the success story of keeping the UAB campus safe during this pandemic."

    Division of Student Affairs

    The Division of Student Affairs

    March 2020 - September 2021

    “Members of Student Affairs worked diligently throughout the coronavirus pandemic, providing support and ensuring the safety of students. For their dedication and innovation, we recognize all our division staff.”

    Christian Dollar

    Christian Dollar, Student Health and Wellness

    January 2020

    “Christian Dollar serves as an exemplary employee in both her work and spirit. In work, Christian is committed to student advocacy through her continued efforts to ensure students understand their health and what is needed for improved outcomes.”

    Dino Martinez

    Dino Martinez, UAB Career Center

    December 2019

    “From assisting in the construction of the Student Affairs parade float to simply being a springboard for ideas, Dino exemplifies service, hard work, and dedication (all with a smile and level of care that will never cease). ”

    Alli Underwood

    Alli Underwood, Marketing & Communications

    November 2019

    “In a time of calm and/or chaos Allison is (and has been) a team player with a capital T, a breath of fresh air and one of the best employees on our team. She works diligently to make sure that our clients' needs are met and goes well beyond the call of duty.”

    Jennifer Liptrot

    Jennifer Liptrot, Title IX

    October 2019

    “Jennifer has set high expectations both personally and professionally to improve services provided by the Title IX Office.”

    Maggie Tucker

    Maggie Tucker, Student Involvment & Leadership

    September 2019

    “Maggie is always willing to support any program or initiative whether it's a part of her job description or not...Maggie is consistently willing to go above and beyond the duties of her assigned role.”

  • Employee of the Month Rubric
      Rankings N/A - not addressed in nomination Likert Scale of 1 to 5 (A score of 1 indicates the nomination addresses the employee as exhibiting this value in some way, to a score of 5 in which the nomination indicates the employee exhibits this value in a specific and substantial way.)
    Does the nomination speak to how the nominee demonstrated Accountability: Taking responsibility for achieving personal and professional development; setting high expectations, and enacting changes based on data analysis. N/A      1       2       3       4       5
    Does the nomination speak to how the nominee demonstrated Collaboration: Creating intentional partnerships for the shared purpose of supporting student success and achieving university goals. N/A      1       2       3       4       5
    Does the nomination speak to how the nominee demonstrated Equity and Inclusion: Upholding the principles of fairness equity and social justice by creating an environment where students feel welcome across and at the intersections of their social identities. N/A      1       2       3       4       5
    Does the nomination speak to how the nominee demonstrated Excellence: Pursuing the highest standard of quality in how we engage with others, manage resources, support our staff, develop ourselves, and contribute to student success. N/A      1       2       3       4       5
    Does the nomination speak to how the nominee demonstrated Innovation: Striving for and advancing impactful services and programs which generate contributions of distinction. N/A      1       2       3       4       5
    Does the nomination speak to how the nominee demonstrated Integrity: Committing to honesty, transparency and consistency by modeling and teaching ethical behavior. N/A      1       2       3       4       5
    Does the nomination speak to how the nominee demonstrated commitment to Wellbeing: Championing a holistic culture of resiliency, mental and physical health that improves the long-term health of our communities. N/A      1       2       3       4       5
    Final Score:  
  • UAB Student Affairs Employee of the Month Nomination Form

    Each month we will recognize a Student Affairs Employee as the division's Employee of the Month. Use this form to nominate Student Affairs staff members for this award. We encourage you to review the nomination rubric before you begin your nomination. If you would like to nominate more than one person you will need to complete an additional form.

    Deadline for submissions: Second Friday of the month

    Winners will receive $50 in Blazer Bucks and be featured on the website and digital signage.

    Enter Nominee's First Name
    Enter Nominee's Last Name
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    In 250 words or less explain why you believe this person is deserving of Student Affairs Employee of the Month?
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