Resolve get involved

By Mason Cosper

Students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham resolved to get involved in campus leadership by attending the Spring 2023 Involvement Fair. During the event, which was held in the Hill Student Center Ballrooms, 177 Blazers met with representatives from 48 different registered student organizations (RSOs). Alexandra Bushery, coordinator for Student Organizations, stated the goal of the Spring Involvement Fair was “to showcase some of our student organizations at UAB to encourage students to get involved, as well as consider expanding their involvement to leadership and service opportunities.”

Pathfinder Jenil Patel, who assisted in planning the event, commented, “When I went inside there was music, there was free food, people were socializing, and they were having a good time supporting their own organization while checking out other organizations.” 

When asked how the students interacted with the event, Patel stated, “They were connecting through involvement opportunities. I felt like it was very lively.” This year’s theme was, “Resolve to get involved,” which encouraged all Blazers to join organizations, expand their involvement in leadership areas or start new organizations - piggybacking from their New Year’s Resolution.

The Student Involvement Fair occurs each fall and spring semester. It serves as an opportunity for Blazers to enhance their student experience by learning more about the diverse number of involvement opportunities that UAB offers.

As of fall 2022, UAB has over 380 student organizations on campus that support a variety of interests. To learn more about how you can get involved in leadership opportunities at UAB, visit Student Involvement and  Leadership.