Own Your Resilience Grid

Thursday, April 1, UAB Student Affairs, through the efforts of student leadership, is hosting one of the first student-led initiatives within the SHOW campaign. OWN Your Resilience will be a virtual conversation and safe space for students to share their menta health struggles and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students will have the opportunity to submit topic submissions and participate in conversation breakout sessions throughout the hour-long event. Representative of Student Counseling Services, Wellness Promotions and Disability Support Serivces will be present to offer students university resources to help them navigate through their mental health journey and struggles.

Student Marketing Council Member Sean Martin shares his inspiration in creating the event, “My biggest inspiration for this event is the need for emphasizing mental health and wellness during the pandemic. The efforts that I’ve mostly seen around our campus community focused on the physical aspect of coping with COVID. They are definitely important, but then I realized that mental health was the missing piece in solving this puzzle. Many of my peers, including myself, have felt isolated and disconnected from others and even ourselves. Through OWN Your Resilience, we hope to communicate to UAB students, faculty, and staff that resilience in these difficult times is in all of us – it’s whether or not we take responsibility in owning it. I hope that this event can positively impact students to become stronger advocates for mental health and to spark a meaningful conversation between students at UAB.”

  • The event is open to all students and can be accessed through this zoom link The password: showuab
  • To learn more about the event, check out the latest episode of SHOW campaign  podcast SHOW & Tell with Macey-Marie Hobson and Ariana Benedict.