University Recreation is offering unique team building programs in support of all UAB and Non-UAB affiliates and their team members. Participants can expect to empower themselves and their team by forming bonding relationships and learning problem-solving skills that establish team organization.

“Team building uses a variety of different activities and challenges to help individuals learn how to better work to accomplish tasks,” said Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellbeing Payton Joyner. “It has been proven to increase engagement, improve communication, and boost creativity. When you put all those factors together you get higher functioning, stronger team.”

University Rec offers several group sizes for every team’s needs and prices vary by group size. For 6-15 person teams, UAB affiliates pay $75 per hour, and non-UAB affiliates pay $125 per hour. According to Joyner, the main purpose of offering team building services is to serve the UAB community by, “making it a strong and more efficient group.” For a full list of group pricing and to begin your team building, please visit the University Recreation Team Building page here and click on “Request Team Building.”

For more information or disability accommodations, please contact Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellbeing Payton Joyner, at