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by Dylan Fisher (Intern, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications)

refill prescription


Refilling prescriptions with Student Health Services (SHS) requires a few simple steps to streamline the process. By following these guidelines, it will ensure there are no delays in receiving medications. Find answers below about how refills work and how SHS is here to help.

How to refill a prescription with SHS:

  1. Schedule an appointment with SHS through the online portal or by calling (205) 934-3580.
    • When using the online portal, select “prescription refill” as the reason for the visit.
  2. Enter the required information of name, dosage, and prescriber on which medication you are looking to refill.
  3. Go to the appointment with SHS, and a medical provider will assist with refill services.

What if I can’t get an appointment immediately but need my prescription now?

Sometimes, a refill is needed right away, and you can’t get in for an appointment. To act as a bridge until an appointment becomes available, students can use the following portal feature:

Once signed into the Student Health Patient Portal:

  1. Select the “messages” tab
  2. Click the “new message” button
  3. Choose the “prescription renewal” option
  4. Select the name of the provider you are requesting a prescription renewal from
  5. Complete the “Prescription Medication Refill Request” form
  6. Click the “send” button for your request to be reviewed

I already have a prescription with SHS:

Some students may already have prescriptions with valid refills available without scheduling an appointment. Check the prescription bottle to see how many refills are left. Most providers will include enough refills until your next appointment. If no refills are available, it is time to visit SHS.

I want to transfer my prescription:

To transfer a prescription between pharmacies, students need to contact the pharmacy they would like to transfer their medication to. At the next visit with SHS, let a staff member update the record to reflect the new pharmacy.

Schedule II controlled substance prescriptions:

Medications considered schedule II controlled substances, like stimulants for ADHD, are legally not allowed to have automatic refills like other medications. Students must have an appointment for new prescriptions of these medications.

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