Back, a male student is getting vaccinated against COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) by a health care worker wearing a face mask at Bartow Arena, May 18, 2021.

Student Health Services now has openings available for students to receive the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

There are 30 vaccination appointment slots available each week and additional vaccination appointments can be made available if demand increases.

Kathleen Pridgen, M.D., with Student Health Services feels that providing this option to students affords additional flexibility to those looking to get vaccinated. She says, "UAB wants to give students multiple options for vaccinations to fit their desires and schedules, including offering different brands and in the convenient setting of Student Health Services.” 

Students can book morning or afternoon appointments on the Student Health Services Patient Portal. You can click here to schedule your appointment or you can give SHS a call at 205-934-3580 if you have any additional questions.

Click for more information on the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

To learn more about other UAB vaccination options, please visit


*If you think you may have Covid or symptoms, please book a virtual visit prior to coming into the office.*