Free Passover Seder meal offered for Jewish students

Jewish UAB students are invited to celebrate a Passover Seder meal with Temple Emanu-ElThe seven-day Jewish holiday of Passover begins March 25, just as UAB students return from spring break. Rabbi Jonathan Miller and Temple Emanu-El have cordially invited all Jewish UAB students to celebrate a Passover Seder on the following night, Tuesday, March 26.

The Seder will take place from 6-9 p.m. at Abroms Hall in the Collat Congregational Center. All the traditional foods will be served, including matzo ball soup, charoses, brisket, chicken, kugel and more.

Typically the admission price for the event is $25, but that fee will be waived for UAB students. To secure a place on the atendance list, email Fran Marlow at by Thursday, March 21.