HUC access limited as building nears demolition

A large portion of HUC is now empty as most of the student services and offices have moved to new locations around UAB's campus. The HUC is scheduled for demolition later this summer to make way for a new student center to be completed in 2015. Hill University Center will be turned over to the demolition contractor on August 5.

Access and parking impacted

  • Access to the metered parking off of 14th St South is now blocked to allow the moves to be completed.
  • Access to the HUC is through the main doors near the Information Center.  Assistance will be readily available at the Information Center.
  • We will see the construction fence being set in place beginning the week of July 29th.  That is also the week of the final moves – Student Media, Vice Provost and Student Services, out of the HUC.
  • HUC will be turned over to the demo contractor as of August 5th.  At this point in time, no one may access the facility.

You can find more details on the Student Center Transition web site and on the HUC Moving Plan Map.