Take note of Fall 2013 payment deadlines

Register for the Fall 2013 semester and make your initial payment by August 15. Students who register after August 15 will incur a $75 late registration fee.

A student’s balance due will be 50 percent of charges plus any outstanding balance less financial aid, educational assistance, or third-party payments:
Piggy Bank Graphic
Billing Timeline Amount Due
Thursday, August 15, 2013 50 percent of account balance due
Monday, October 7, 2013 Remainder of balance due

Students who do not make the initial payment of 50 percent of their account balance will be dropped from their courses for non-payment. Students who re-register for courses after their schedule is cancelled for non-payment, will incur a $75 late registration fee.

This payment schedule is for graduate and undergraduate students. It does not affect professional programs in the schools of Medicine, Optometry and Dentistry.

For more details, visit the When to Pay website.