UAB Police offer free violence response training

UAB Police Sgt. Amy Schreiner conducts violence response training.UAB Police Sgt. Amy Schreiner conducts violence response training.While UAB is proud to consider itself a safe campus, it is always a good idea to be prepared in case an unexpected violent event occurs.

The UAB Police Department provides training for both students and employees as a proactive approach. The training method is known as "ALICE," which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Information, Counter, Evacuate -- a list of options that can be used in any order to fit the circumstance.

Aside from these steps, the training also highlights what sort of areas provide a high or low level of protection, what to do with a weapon if it is dropped or left behind, and what sort of precautions to take in high risk areas.

Student groups who wish to schedule a training session (which can be customized for the group) can contact UAB Police Sgt. Amy Schreiner at 996-2035 or

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