Now Online - The Undergraduate Catalog

Remember the days when you had to download a giant PDF file to view the course catalog?  Those days are over.

Catalog graphicWe agree that your source for curriculum exploration, the Undergraduate Catalog, should never take an act of congress to access.  Today the Online Undergraduate Catalog goes live!  Not only do you get to sift through the courses without downloading a file, but the layout of the information actually makes navigating the catalog inviting.  

So how did this advancement come about?  You asked for it.   Then numerous UAB employees, from top administration to staff, got busy making your request a reality.  Ta-da!

The online undergraduate catalog is one of various Office of the Provost initiatives designed to implement technology that will improve the academic experience at UAB. Upcoming launches include software which enable students and employees to reserve meeting spaces online and a degree audit system to help you keep up with your progress towards a degree. 

Okay - you can quit reading now and start exploring your shiny new online catalog.