Student Government Presidential Debate - February 16th

Presidential primaries are stirring emotions across the country while at UAB we've got some political excitement of our own. Student government elections are coming up, and with an unprecedented number of presidential candidates, you won't want to miss the debate.

Thursday, February 16thGraphic - Meet the Candidates
HUC Alumni Auditorium
7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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USGA Presidents of the past have initiated numerous efforts which you enjoy today like the Parking Amnesty Day, Fall Break, and annual trips to Higher Ed Day. The President acts as a liaison for the students to the university administration. He or she will be responsible for representing your values, wishes, and opinions.

The debate is your opportunity to see the candidates discuss the things that matter to you. In fact, you can even submit a question you want them to address by typing it below or emailing it to The debate moderators are current student and Mr. UAB, Mallick Hossain and Philosophy Professor, Dr. David Morrow.

So show your enthusiasm for the democratic process right here on your campus: attend the 2012 USGA Presidential Debate.

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