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Lavender Celebration is an annual event in the spring of each academic year wherein LGBTQ+ undergraduate, graduate and professional students receive recognition for both their contribution to campus and their success in graduating. During the event, awards will be given out to current and graduating students and faculty and staff. Graduating students will also receive a lavender graduation cord to wear at commencement to highlight their achievements. Lavender Celebration is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, Queer Peers, SafeZone, GRADient, the Gender & Sexuality Union, borderTrans, and Student Multicultural & Diversity Programs.

This ceremony also serves to acknowledge the work of students, faculty, and staff with the following awards. Please read over them and nominate someone at UAB who has gone above and beyond to serve the LGBTQ+ community here at UAB.

Award categories:

Glenda Elliott LGBTQ+ Advocacy Award

For any UAB student, faculty or staff who has been at the forefront of advocating for LGBTQ+ rights on campus and beyond.

Lavender Leadership

For any UAB student who has been an outstanding leader on campus.

Lavender Inclusion Award

For a UAB faculty or staff member who has worked to create welcoming and inclusive spaces on campus.

Inclusive Research & Initiative Award

For any student, faculty or staff who has either developed research or initiatives to increase awareness, resources, education and support for LGBTQ+ people.

Nomination form and further information to come.