Workshops and Trainings

Thank you so much for considering Student Multicultural and Diversity Programs for your training or speaking needs. We have a staff that is excited and full of energy to train or present to your students.

Please review the information below and then submit the form at the bottom of the page to request a training or presentation.

The trainings are for student groups, classes, and programs in which UAB students will make up the majority of the participation. At this time, we are not offering trainings for staff and faculty groups outside of SafeZone Training which you can register for via UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System.

Training Descriptions

About Student Multicultural & Diversity Programs

This presentation is a general overview of the programs and services offered by SMDP.  Attendees will be able to understand the purpose of the Multicultural and Diversity Office on UAB’s campus, as well as learn about the various opportunities to get involved in diversity efforts within the office.  This presentation is a great opportunity to inform students on how they can live the core value of diversity on UAB’s campus.

Length of Time: 15 minutes
Maximum Number of participants: No Maximum

Who’s In The Room?
A facilitated set of activities and dialogue that allows students to become more familiar with the importance of identity.  Students will be able to recognize various aspects of their personal and social identities and have critical discussions about discrimination, safety, and privilege.  “Who’s in the Room?” is perfect for First Year Experience classes and other groups that may be new to discussion diversity related topics.

Length of Time: 45 minutes
Maximum number of participants: 30

SafeZone 101
 A general training that challenges students to examine the unique set of issues that LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer) students face on UAB’s campus. This training is a great way to introduce students to LGBTQ issues. This training has a resource manual that will need to be printed by you or payment to SMDP will need to be made for the cost of the resource manual.

Length of Time: 90 Minutes
Max number of participants: 30

Confronting Homophobia
This training is more advanced than SafeZone 101. Focusing on the climate of UAB, it challenges students to think about the words that they use on a daily basis. Students will be able to come up with strategies on how to address situations that may arise that are discriminatory toward people that identify as LGBTQ.

Length of Time: 90 Minutes
Max number of participants: 30

Power, Privilege, Oppression and You!
This training will allow students to examine several parts of their identity and how that fits into the larger cultural picture of UAB. This is a high trust activity.

There are two different tracks this training can take depending on your needs.

The race focused track examines racism and blinding forces that privilege plays in our everyday lives.
The heterosexism/LGBTQ focused track focuses on the blinding forces straight privilege plays in our everyday lives.

Length of Time: 120 Minutes
Max number of participants: 25

Customized Training
Our staff would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss customized training needs for your group.

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