Payment Information

The Office of Student Accounting Services posts charges for tuition and fees, housing, communications, and meal plans. The office also administers financial aid that’s been posted to student accounts; processes payments against student accounts; manages collections of applicable student loans; processes and distributes student refunds; and processes direct-deposit information related to student accounts.

Trust us, you’re glad this office is there to do the hard work. Just make sure your payment is on time.

When to Pay

You are required to pay 50 percent of your account balance 10 days prior to the start of the term. Your balance due will be 50 percent of charges plus any outstanding balance, less financial aid, educational assistance, or third-party payments. The remaining account balance must be paid 6 weeks after classes start.

If you do not make the initial payment of 50 percent of your account balance 10 days before the first class day of the fall term, you will be dropped from your courses for non-payment.

So it’s best to get your tuition paid on time.

For more details, visit the When to Pay website.

How to Pay

To make a payment, log in to BlazerNET and click on the Student Resources tab. You can pay using the My Account channel.

Monthly Payment Plan

UAB partners with both Tuition Management Systems and Sallie Mae to provide interest-free monthly payment plans. It’s an alternative to paying by the term or by the year, and it cuts down on borrowing by splitting your tuition costs into smaller, more manageable payments. You (and/or your parents) can start making payments before the semester begins—May, June, or July for fall term; October, November, or December for spring term.

Joining is simple: You contract with TMS or Sallie Mae, and they submit your payments to UAB. Funds are applied to your account prior to the payment deadline. You can split your costs into three, four, or five payments per semester (eight or 10 per academic year), depending on when you enter into your contract.

Learn more about payment plans through TMS.

Learn more about payment plans through Sallie Mae.