Catalog and Course Updates

The Office of the Registrar has implemented an integrated on-line catalog and curriculum proposal system. All content can be edited in the online systems and submitted through the identified workflow.

Training and help sessions are available upon request.  Email to request a session.

Beginning with the 2013-2014 catalog, the deadline for requesting course edits will be December 1st. All requests for course catalog changes must first be approved by originating College/School and received by the Registrar by December 1. Colleges/Schools will be responsible for establishing internal review procedures in order to meet this deadline. Courses with substantive changes (i.e., significant change to content) require new course numbers. Numbers may not be re-used for a period of five years from the last time the course was offered.

Please contact or 205-934-8979 with any questions you may have.

Online catalog revision process