International Mentors

2015 2016 International Mentors group

UAB International Mentors is a program that provides incoming international students with valuable information about UAB, Birmingham, and the United States. International Mentors serve the UAB international community by offering programming, support, and assistance to better meet the needs of incoming new students.  The mentors are chosen through a highly selective process each spring and go through extensive training to offer the best services possible.

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How the “Mentors” help new International Students…

  • Provide you with knowledge about UAB and Birmingham.
  • Provide you with information to new incoming international students on everything from how to find an apartment, to what the professors are like at UAB.
  • Welcome you to UAB during International Orientations and Check-in new students to the university and assist them in the initial check-in
  • Keep you updated about events happening in around the Birmingham area
  • Plan a monthly outing for you and other international students
  • Be a resource for any questions about UAB


Benefits of having a mentor:

  • Having a relatable person to talk to (most of the mentors have experienced “Culture shock” when traveling abroad)
  • Being able to ask for advice about school, finding a job, interviews, where to live?
  • Mentors may not know all the answers, but they can lead you in the right direction or get you in touch with somebody who would know the answer!
  • Hopefully having a lifelong friend


Benefits of being a mentor

  • Personal satisfaction from helping new international students
  • Make friends with fellow Mentors and Mentees
  • Opportunity to work with a diverse group of people
  • Enhanced networking skills and abilities
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational skills
  • Chance to assess and determine personal strengths and abilities

Meet the Mentors