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Miss UAB Melanie Roberts

Melanie Roberts

Hometown: Gardendale, AL
Date of Birth: July 9, 1993

Education: UAB–Senior – Bachelor of Science, Psychology/Sociology
The University of Alabama – Bachelor of Arts, Dance
The Alabama School of Fine Arts High School

Parents: Debbie and Todd Roberts

Platform Issue: A Voice for Veterans

Scholastic Ambition: Obtain a Masters in Counseling, Ph.D. in Psychology 

Talent: Contemporary Dance/ “Holding Out for a Hero”

Crowning of Miss UAB 2015Scholastic Honors: Executive Board Membership Outreach Coordinator of National Society of Leadership and Success UAB; Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society UAB; Psi Chi Honor Society of Psychology Department UAB; Sigma Lambda Alpha National Honor Society UA; Dean’s List UA.

Accomplishments: International Dance Tour in Shanghai, China for a Talent Agency for Three Months (2014); Contracted Dancer with the Movement Talent Agency South Nashville/Atlanta; Alabama Repertoire Dance Theatre Company UA; Crimson Cabaret Dance Team UA.

Interesting Facts: I was born in Quantico United States Marine Corps Military Base; I was born with a horseshoe kidney; I have played violin for eight years; I can tie a cherry stem in a knot; I competed in my first real pageant at 20 years old.

Employment: International Dancer, Instructor, and Choreographer at Cullman Dance Academy.

How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations?

I have come from a diverse world that has led me to my dreams and more. My family is a major part of my world but, at the end of the day, only I can make my own decisions and that is why I am proud of the young women I am today. Traveling and meeting people around our country and other countries has opened my mind beyond belief. The amount of respect I have gained through my experiences with other cultural and religious values is incredible. It has taught me that in order to be truly successful in life, you must be able to be thrown into any situation and make a difference in someone’s life. The world I live in has made me stronger and has taught me that I should never fear my dreams.

Of all the ways you could succeed in life, why have you chosen the Miss America Pageant?

I chose the Miss America Pageant for a multitude of reasons – it gives young women an opportunity to bring national attention to a cause they are passionate about and it provides them with financial support to further education. But it is more than that. I want to represent our country and be that all-around, wholesome young lady inside and out, to show people my love for the arts, and to raise awareness about social and political issues within our country.

What social issue other than your platform will have the greatest impact on your generation?

Social, economic, and political growth will have the greatest impact on my generation. I know it is broad, but this growth is only giving our youth more and more options to choose from. This can be overwhelming and confusing. Because my generation has an extraneous amount thrown at them, we often don’t know what option or life path to choose. Growth and an abundance of opportunities used in the right way can help our society, but if not used with care I also believe it can be very harmful.

Melanie will compete for the title of Miss Alabama 2015 in June of 2015 at Samford University.

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Since 1983 the Miss UAB Scholarship Pageant has been an official preliminary to the Miss Alabama and Miss America pageants. The pageant offers young women the opportunity to further educational goals through scholarships and personal growth.

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