Apply for Admission (High School Concurrent Enrollment)

Application for Admission

Application! Oh, this is so exciting—it makes everything feel a lot more real, doesn’t it?

To apply to UAB, you’ll need to submit all of these things:

Mail all documents and credentials to:

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Box 99
1720 2nd Ave S
Birmingham AL 35294-4600

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To get your answer early, submit your application early. Deadlines for priority consideration:

If you're applying for... have everything in by...
Fall Semester June 1
Spring Semester November 1
Summer Semester March 15


What kind of students is UAB looking for? It’s good that you asked. (See how smart you are?) We’re looking for people who get involved and stay involved. We like people who look for a little extra challenge to keep things interesting. We like people who aren’t like everybody else, because homogeneity can get really boring and variety is the spice of campus. We like smart, creative people who make us look good. We also like people who have a strong high school academic curriculum and an impressive GPA and test scores.

A student applies for Concurrent Enrollment in order to take courses as a non-degree student at UAB, while concurrently enrolled as a junior or senior in high school. This option may be appropriate for students whose high schools do not participate in the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit program.

Concurrent enrollment at UAB is limited to one course per semester and is not available during a mini term. Students must have successfully completed the appropriate high school coursework (i.e., if you wish to enroll in English 101 at UAB, you must have completed 4 units of high school English).

Concurrent enrollment requirements

1. Contact Dr. Lindsay Aycock, Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator at 205-996-9842 or to discuss the student’s goals and qualifications for dual enrollment. In some cases, a meeting may be appropriate.

2. Apply for admission as a dual enrollment student at

3. Pay the $30 application fee.

4. Submit all required materials:
a. An official high school transcript, with a minimum 3.0 GPA

b. An official ACT or SAT score report (may be included on the official high school transcript), with a recommended ACT of 25. If you have not taken the ACT or SAT, we may consider PSAT or PLAN scores.

c. A letter of permission from a parent or guardian which states the specific class and term in which the student desires enrollment.

d. A written statement of support from the high school principal which states the specific class and term in which the student desires enrollment.

When mailing or faxing any documents to our office, please direct them to the attention of Dr. Lindsay Aycock.

Certain programs have additional requirements beyond UAB’s requirements for general admission. For details, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

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