University Honors

You’re curious, you’re well-rounded, you relish a challenge, and you’re looking for something beyond the standard college experience.

You’re looking—although you probably didn’t know it until just now—for UAB’s University Honors Program, which gives you the full benefit of our world-class faculty and resources across the entire university. Explore subjects from every available angle—the program focuses on one topic each year, taking an in-depth look at it through the lenses of English, biology, engineering, biochemistry, business, psychology, theology, and any other discipline with a pertinent connection. The topic changes every year, from "The Nature/Nurture Debate" to "Ethics" to "Creativity in the Arts and Sciences" to whatever you’ll study when you join our ranks.

You’ll work and live with a close-knit community of like-minded peers and enjoy individual attention from top faculty and scholars. You’ll have the benefit of specially organized lectures, film series, dinners, service projects, and other activities designed to keep you engaged and share the depth and breadth of an interdisciplinary curriculum. And you’ll do it under the stunning rose window of the Spencer Honors House, which most students only see from the outside.

The University Honors Program is part of the UAB Honors College, grants all of the College’s great benefits, and uses the College’s single application. The application deadline is December 15 of your senior year, so learn what you need to know now and apply right away. There are a lot—and we mean a lot—of faculty members waiting to share their expertise with you.