Concurrent Enrollment Guidelines

UAB offers concurrent enrollment for outstanding high school students who wish to expand their academic options and take college coursework during their junior or senior years of high schools.

This option is intended for students who have completed the highest academic subjects available at their high schools and are seeking a further academic challenge. Concurrent enrollment offers the opportunity to pursue a student’s interests and also to gain college credit while enrolled in high school.

Concurrent enrollment at UAB is limited to one course per semester and students must have successfully completed the appropriate high school coursework (i.e. if you wish to enroll in English 101 at UAB, you must have completed 4 units of high school English)


To apply for concurrent enrollment at UAB, students must do the following:

1. Contact Dr. Lindsay Aycock, Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator at 205-934-8221 or to discuss the student’s goals and qualifications for concurrent enrollment. In some cases, a meeting may be appropriate.

2. Apply for admission as a concurrent enrollment student at

3. Pay the $30 application fee.

4. Submit all required materials:

a. An official high school transcript, with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

b. An official ACT or SAT score report (may be included on the official high school transcript), with a recommended ACT of 25. If you have not taken the ACT or SAT, we may consider PSAT or PLAN scores.

c. A letter of permission from a parent or guardian which states the specific class and term in which the student desires enrollment.

d. A written statement of support from the high school principal which states the specific class and term in which the student desires enrollment.

e. A one page essay stating your motivation for taking courses at UAB.

5. After admission to UAB, you are required to meet with an academic advisor in to discuss your schedule. You may contact Nancy Thomas in CAS Advising at 205-934-6135.

When mailing or faxing any documents to our office, please direct them to the attention of Dr. Lindsay Aycock.