Dr. Lindsay Aycock

Assistant Director of High Ability AdmissionsLindsay Aycock

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Alma Mater:  University of Georgia

Education:  BBA in Marketing, MS and EdD in Higher Education Administration

What do you wish you had known when you were starting college? 
I wish I’d known that it was okay to go to professors for help.  I learned this fact along the way, but it took me a few semesters.  Professors are not scary, and they really do want to help their students learn and master the material.  I also wish that I realized sooner how much learning can happen outside of the classroom.  Get involved, and keep an open mind.

You know you’re at UAB when…
...students are talking about research!  UAB is a large research university situated in a thriving urban metropolis with a wonderful mix of students, staff, and faculty from all 50 States and some 100 countries around the world.  UAB is the only university in Alabama classified by The Carnegie Foundation as having both “Very High Research Activity” and “Community Engagement.”  UAB ranks first in the nation among public universities for Federal research dollars per incoming freshman.

What are some your favorite things to do around Birmingham?
I love living in Birmingham.  And what’s not to love, with all of the wonderful restaurants, outdoor green spaces, and the Birmingham Museum of Art!  So, don’t go home on the weekends.  Embrace your new friends and your new home away from home.

Dr. Lindsay Aycock

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