The DNA of UAB

From the very beginning, UAB has been doing its own thing – in its own way.

UAB originally opened in 1936 as an extension center for the University of Alabama—but it wouldn’t stay that way. In 1969, it cut loose, becoming an independent campus with a big, ambitious vision all its own. It was a bold move, sure, one that some faculty members even thought was a little bit crazy—but that kind of bold and that kind of “crazy” have been the intellectual fuel for the fire that’s kept UAB strong, exciting, and moving forward for 40 years and counting.

There have been high points (plaudits from The Scientist, U.S. News & World Report, and the Princeton Review) and low points (an angry Viking mascot that scared children and only lasted half a season). There have been victories (over AIDS, cancer, community apathy, and the Harvard University Mock Trial team) and defeats (no comment). But no matter what, there have always been students who come to UAB looking for something more.

And we’ve always been happy to offer them even more than that.

Oh, and to correct one common misconception about UAB—it’s the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We’re located in Birmingham, but the name has at in it. We’d remind you that “UAB is where it’s at,” but that would be grammatically incorrect.