Electric Vehicles

Charge Your Electric Vehicle on Campus

The EV parking spots are designated by these markers.The EV parking spots are designated by these markers.Transportation accounts for nearly a third of the United State’s greenhouse gas emissions, and its emissions are growing more rapidly than other sectors. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a key part of the American transportation future, given their potential to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions from this sector.

UAB Parking and Transportation is partnering with UAB Sustainability to offer electric vehicle-charging on campus for faculty, staff, students, and the public. This partnership aligns with UAB’s commitment to follow core sustainability principles in all facets of planning and operations to lessen our environmental impact, ensure a healthy community, and contribute to global solutions.

Types of EV Charging

There are two types of EV charging stations available on campus: public charging through ChargePoint, and employee-only charging stations located in gated employee parking areas through Clipper Creek.

ChargePoint Charging Stations

There are three Level II ChargePoint charging locations on campus:

Anyone can access the ChargePoint charging locations, including faculty, staff, students, and the public. You do not need a parking permit to use the ChargePoint units listed above, though lot 5A on University Blvd does require an hourly parking fee for all users.

To use the Chargepoint chargers, EV drivers need to download the ChargePoint mobile app. A fee of $1 per hour is assessed by the charging station and paid through the mobile app. It takes four hours to fully charge most vehicles.

Employee-Only Charging Stations

Alabama Power Company is partnering with UAB to provide employee-only electric vehicle-charging stations on campus.

There are four Level II Clipper Creek charging stations provided free of charge to employees at the following locations:

Employees wanting to access the employee-only electric vehicle charging stations must obtain a special EV permit by bringing their vehicle registration to the UAB Parking and Transportation Office located at 608 8th Street South. The vehicle registration must be in the employee’s name and permits must be renewed annually. While use of the charging stations is free, unlike the ChargePoint stations, the EV permit will be charged at rate associated with the lot or deck. Information regarding employee parking permit pricing can be found on the UAB Parking and Transportation website.

Employee-only charging stations are subject to a four-hour time limit. Vehicles violating these policies are subject to fine.

Employees who drive an electric vehicle but are not assigned to a lot or deck that supports EV charging should contact UAB Parking and Transportation at 205-934-3513 or UABParking@uab.edu to request parking reassignment. User feedback is also appreciated.

EV Charging Everywhere

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center provides an online tool for finding charging stations wherever you are in the U.S.