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  • Biking can be fun, improve health, and reduce transportation costs for individuals, as well as decrease vehicle emissions. UAB is committed to creating and supporting a bike friendly culture in and around campus.

    • Register Your Bicycle

      Registration helps with recovery of stolen property, or in case a bike is deemed abandoned. You can register online or at the UAB Transportation Office.

    • Use the Bike Parking Map

      Learn where to park your bike on campus on the Bike Parking Map

    • Always Lock Your Bike
      • Use a U-lock to secure your wheels and seat. Use a cable lock as a secondary lock.
      • Always lock your bike to a designated bicycle rack. Keep in mind that campus enforcement staff may impound bikes locked to rails.
      • Remember that most stolen bikes either aren’t locked, have a single cable lock, or are out of plain site.
    • Be Visible

      Ensure your bike is visible to traffic by using:

      • Headlight
      • Rear lights
      • Reflectors/reflective tape

      Make Eye Contact:

      • Establish eye contact with motorists to ensure they know you are on the road.

      Use Hand Signals:

      • Signal all turns ahead of time
      • Check over your shoulder
      • Make your intended move when it is safe to do so.
    • Obey Traffic Laws

      As a vehicle, bicycles must obey all of the road rules.

      • Bicycle on the road in the same direction as traffic. Even though they lack a motor, bicycles are considered road vehicles just like cars and trucks.
      • Stop at red lights and stop signs, and obey other signs (i.e. one-way street, yield, etc.), just like you would in a car.
      • Use marked bike paths or lanes when they are available.
    • Perform Safety Checks

      Helmet: (MANDATORY)

      The leading cause of death in bicycling accidents is head injury.

      • Fit firmly without squeezing
      • Make sure it is low in front to cover the forehead
      • Straps should meet at a point just below and in front of your ears
      • Chin strap should fit snug at the back of your chin
      • Never wear a helmet that has been in a crash.

      Tire Pressure:
      Correct tire pressure is printed on the tire. Always check the tires before riding your bicycle.

      Wheels and Spokes:
      Check for worn tread or loose/broken spokes.

      Depress the brake levers or, on some bikes, pedal in reverse. You should feel the brake firmly engage and prevent wheels from turning. Also, check your handbrakes.

      Your chain should be tight and free of obstructions.


    • Know How to Prevent Accidents

      Left Turn Accident Prevention:

      • Make eye contact with the approaching driver before turning.
      • Assume the driver does not see you.
      • Point your intended route to the approaching driver.

      Crossing a Street:
      When crossing a street in a crosswalk, you must be traveling at pedestrian speed (less than 5 mph). This will give motorists a chance to see you and stop while you cross.

      Right Turn Accident Prevention:
      Keep to the center of the lane when approaching an intersection. This will help to avoid the driver passing you before making the right turn.

      Parked Car Open Door Accident:

      • Watch cars parked in front of you while riding
      • Watch for brake lights and heads visible through the rear window.
      • Keep as far left of a parked car as practical.

      Riding on the Road:
      Bicycles are required to travel in the same direction as cars. Cyclists shall not ride more than two abreast on a roadway, except on paths set aside exclusively for bicycles. While vehicles are required by Alabama state law to provide a 3-foot minimum space when passing, be aware of conditions and surroundings to avoid reckless or overly impatient drivers.

  • While UAB does not have a bicycle permitting requirement, registration is easy and free. Registering identifies you as the owner of your bicycle, which is important in case of theft or if your bicycle is deemed abandoned.

    While supplies last, students receive a free helmet and u-lock with registration. Registration can be completed online or in person at the UAB Transportation office. Permit stickers will be mailed if registered online. Helmets and u-locks must be picked up in person at the UAB Transportation office.


    Bike Registration Form

    Fill out the form below and submit. If you have any questions contact us 205-934-3513.

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  • Bike Policy

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham has detailed policy on bicycles and other wheeled mobility devices. Learn more below :

    UAB Bike Policy

  • Map of Bicycle Parking & Lanes

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham has published this map to aid cyclists. The first layer represents buildings on campus. Select individual building to see if it allows for transporting bicycles indoors (for employees).

    The second layer represents the most current locations of bike racks on campus. Cyclists are urged to use facilities that are suitable for their individual cycling skills while adhering to the UAB Bike Policy.
  • Bike Locker Program

    Bicycle lockers safeguard your bicycle by providing protection from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather. The lockers are designed to hold one bicycle each as well as bicycle gear. UAB’s School of Medicine hosts 22 bike lockers on the ground floor plaza of the Lister Hill Library.

    • The lockers are approximately: 4' high x 6'5" deep x 3' wide at the opening and narrows toward the back.
    • Most standard bicycles will fit inside. Longer bicycles such as tandem bikes or some recumbent bikes will not fit into the lockers.
    • To rent a locker, you can apply at the UAB Transportation office.

    All locker rentals cost $40.00 per semester, and are subject to availability. Permit fees can be charged to your student account or paid in the UAB Transportation Office. 

    Lockers are rented on a semester-to-semester basis. Current locker holders will have first priority for rentals the following semester.

    • Information needed for registration

      • Your name
      • Address
      • Contact phone number
      • Email address
      • Primary work/study location (building and room number)

    • Locker access

      Once you have been assigned a locker, you will be given the locker number.

      You must apply a padlock of your choice (key or code) to the locker to prevent others from occupying the locker.

      Keep your padlock on the locker at all times, only removing the padlock to put your bike in or take it out. The locker is for your use only during the rental period.

    • Renewal

      Current locker holders will have first priority for rentals the following semester.

      A renewal can be done by contacting the Transportation Office. All current permit holders will be contacted in advance of the expiration date to inquire if they want to renew.