RS40170 Homemade masks 13 scrIn accordance with the City of Birmingham ordinance and to provide the safest environment for our passengers, Blazer Express riders are required to bring and wear masks. Blazer Express drivers have been instructed not to allow passengers without face coverings to board vehicles. This requirement applies to all Blazer Express services, including Highlands Shuttle, Safety Escort, and the Deck Van Service.

The City of Birmingham passed an ordinance to require face coverings be worn by people in public places within the city limits, effective Friday, May 1, and employers such as UAB are obligated to ensure its employees observe this decree. The order has been implemented to protect Birmingham citizens — and workers in the city — as the effects of COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold.

People who cannot medically tolerate or safely wear a mask can be exempted from this ordinance. If you are exempted from the ordinance, you must notify the driver before entering the bus.

If you have questions about this requirement, please reach out to us at 205-934-3513 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We also respond to questions through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.